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Old Robbers


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Old Robbers
Old Robbers

"Four hundred and third" sharply smells of childhood. The time when I myself was a pay-boy picking his nose with a thoughtful look. The country grew corn, stormed space, built communism, and in the meantime, produced cars no worse than European ones.

The culprit of the surging nostalgia modestly stood in the cozy street of Sevastopol. Surprisingly similar to the one that adorned our yard for many years. True, it was two-tone - white with pink, with a wings on the steering column, a huge thin ivory-colored steering wheel, caps with the MZMA emblem and a red flag on the hood. The same resembles a hot rod, squat, some kind of long, on wide wheels. But all the same, after all - his native Moskvich. And it shines, as if only from the conveyor. Will you pass by?

The car went to San Sanych quite by accident, for a symbolic amount - $ 50. About eight years ago I went to buy an electric drill, and returned home by car. He sold the car to him - almost put it in - a very old grandfather from a neighboring town. She honestly served him (she served, did not stand!) For the whole 33 years, since 1963. The condition was not so hot - all shabby, scratched, beaten, rusty in places, the engine smoked … But on the go! And San Sanych rolled up his sleeves. He repaired slowly - the car was constantly on the move, every day on the road. At first I wanted to restore the Moskvich in its original form, but, desperate to find the details, redid it as he could, in his own way. It turned out pretty well. Appearance, maybe someone will scare anyone away, but anyone will like the dynamics. The reason is simple - San Sanych, in the past a crossover and a race car driver, remade the car for himself so that you can not only dangle about business, but also drive from the heart.

He did not reanimate the old engine - he squeezed the Ufa, 1.8-liter under the hood. The impeller did not have any space left, and our optimist, without hesitation, simply threw it away, having mounted the Zhiguli electric fan in front of the radiator. There is plenty of space! The carburetor picked up the French Variette, from an old beaten Opel Record. The adapter for him - a special plan washer - was made by himself. I found a place for the expansion tank - now the antifreeze in the cooling system, and not water.

The gearbox is 5-speed, from the VAZ-2105. Kulisa, of course, moved to the floor. He made the adapter plate with his own hand too. The rear axle still stands native - has not worn out so far! Its only improvement is the anti-roll bar, also home-made. But with the cardan that connects this bridge to the box, I had to conjure it - you cannot find the right size for sale. Its front part is Zhiguli, assembled with an elastic coupling, the rear - from the same Opel Record. Parts are welded “pipe to pipe” in the area of ​​the coupling. Of course, I had to suffer with balancing, but there are no problems with spare parts.

Shock absorbers - from Opel Omega, with a bracket digested in the back. The front suspension from Moskvich-2140 (it fits the mounts) is assembled, along with disc brakes. Handbrake San Sanych built an original, tired to fight with always souring cables. Now it is hydraulic, brakes the rear wheels with regular cylinders. When braking by handbrake, the front circuit is cut off. It works perfectly, the police turnaround is brilliant. Only for traffic cops is a big secret - alteration of the brake system is strictly prohibited by the rules.

The stove in the car is warm and powerful - Zhiguli (winter also happens in the Crimea). Headlights from the "penny", taillights from the VAZ-2102. Admittedly, it hurts the eyes - relatives fit in more organically. But they haven’t been found for a long time, so you don’t have to ride with the broken ones!

The cosmetics of the veteran San Sanych dealt with for a long time and with enthusiasm. Cut, cooked, sawed, planed, putty and painted over. Including fiberglass bumpers, sunroof and enlarged wheel arches. Inside, separate foreign-made seats, steering wheel of an unknown breed. And a great many devices. Voltmeter, ammeter, oil pressure sensor, coolant temperature, cabin and overboard temperatures, tachometer, econometric, rollometer, speedometer. Before the eyes of the driver - attention! - a real altimeter, which shows the altitude in meters and atmospheric pressure. This is to know how high the mountain on which the car climbed. And under it is a control lamp for turning on the cooling fan. And next to it is a forced switch. Can you imagine ?! Yes, there is no need to tell, but to go. At least a photo.

Do not think that San Sanych is a professional auto mechanic. Not at all. He just liked Moskvich …

What is this miracle on the go? You will not believe! 85 h.p. with a crowbar moment, multiplied by the native main gear and the Zhiguli box, they shoot a light machine like a sling, with a whistle. "Moskvich" willingly cranks the wheels, it is only necessary to inadvertently throw the clutch. And if you drown the gazka, it’s completely wrapped in a top, ruthlessly burning rubber. It doesn’t enter a mountain - it flies! Where is the "nine". There, she’s pushing, she’s taking the lift. Where is she … Let the dust swallow.

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