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Temporary Difficulties

Temporary Difficulties
Temporary Difficulties

A set of dial indicators on the Ode is standard: tachometer, speedometer, engine temperature and fuel gauge. Control of everything else is transferred to lamps that do not give an accurate idea of ​​the condition of the car.

Here, say, the oil pressure warning lamp goes out at 0.5 kgf. It seems that if at revolutions a little more idle does not burn - then everything is normal. So, yes not so! If there was a dial gauge, it would help to see the failure of the pressure reducing valve when the pressure rises. Or, say, with a crumpled crankcase, find that at high speeds there is little pressure - and this is a direct decree to saw slowly to the place of repair.

What about the generator lamp? It will only detect a complete generator failure. And to determine overstated or, conversely, lowered voltage, she can not do it. But the life expectancy of the battery and many electronic devices on board depends on it.

However: we need devices - we will supply. The main thing is to decide what we need and find a suitable place. We decided to do with the clock (conveniently, whatever you say, especially in the dark) and a voltmeter. They would have put a pressure sensor, but with the Ufa engine it is not so simple. The watch bought a “six-speed watch”, a voltmeter - from VAZ 2105 / "> VAZ 2105. It turned out to be more difficult with the place. In the end, we chose an empty space above the glove box. Inside there is plenty of space - you can’t reach the duct.

First of all, we mark out a favorite place and cut openings of the desired diameter. We cut the upper, decorative layer and polyurethane foam under it with a sharp knife, it is more convenient to drill plastic under them in several places in diameter and then saw through a piece of a hacksaw blade. We customize the file in place. Be careful when working near the button to turn off the glove compartment lamp - do not damage the wire of the limit switch. For convenience, the lamp can be removed by prying off its plastic frame with a screwdriver.

Now - the wiring. It is most convenient (and easier) to be fed from the "beard". For work, you will need wires, 6 “mother” plugs and thermal cages. So, remove the console. It is very simple: it is enough to remove the tips from the control levers of the “stove”, unscrew the only self-tapping screw and pull it from below on itself.

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