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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Musical Pendant
Musical Pendant




At the mention of Bose audio systems there are clear associations with great sound and considerable cost. Now, however, this image may undergo changes. No, not for the worse, just the Bows smoothly walked up to the … active car electric suspensions. We already know about air and hydraulic suspensions. But, apparently, in pursuit of the power of its amplifiers and loudspeakers, the company has reached such a level that it can easily swing (or calm) the car body. It is necessary "only" instead of the usual suspension struts to put linear electric motors. In them, the role of a rotating rotor is played by an anchor, which is moving in the stator field.

Now let's think: is this system so different from the speaker? In it, too, the coil also moves with the diffuser, creating air vibrations. And who, if not the specialists of the Bows firm, should know everything about the excitation or damping of these oscillations? So it turns out that, in principle, the car body can be likened to a speaker cone, which should be stationary relative to the road with vertical wheel movements. Of course, to extinguish such effects, it is not watts that are required, but kilowatts, but such amplifiers and electric motors have already been created.

Well, programmers developed algorithms, electricians created racks with linear motors, amplifiers were already … It remains to verify the theory with practice. And such a check was successful. The experimental limousine equipped with the BSS suspension (Bose Suspension system) remained calm during the most drastic maneuvers - cornering, acceleration, and braking. No rolls, pecks, squats, minimal shocks from bumps.

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