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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Malachite Box
Malachite Box





Old solid furniture of the time when cabinets and tables served faithfully for several generations. In the corner - a kulman, on a whatman the contours of the future car. On the bedside table is a model of the pre-war KIM-10, and at the opposite wall the protagonist is a new van Moskvich-400-422. The first prototype?

Since he appeared, more than half a century has passed. And to return to those years when the first “Muscovites” were born at the subcompact car factory, the stand of the Moscow Museum of carriages and cars with the interior of the factory design bureau, a small part of Ilya Sorokin’s Oldtimer Gallery, helped to breathe the air of that bygone era.

The exhibition was held as part of the MIMS-2004 motor show. Small, tastefully decorated exhibits, books (the catalog of Victory details peacefully coexists with rich modern publications), large-scale models, and spare parts. From this radio, the owner of a huge American "cruiser" several decades ago for the first time heard the voice of a little-known guy named Elvis Presley. And about such a device was mentioned in "Seventeen Moments of Spring" by Julian Semenov. Remember how Stirlitz and Pastor Schlag, heading in the Mercedes to the Swiss border, talked about Edith Piaf?

There are relatively few cars in the pavilion and in open areas, but their origin - the USA, Japan, and so on, their age - from “forty and older” (some over 70!) Are respected, especially since the condition of most exhibits in the full sense of the word - exhibition.

It’s not a shame to decorate with such rarities not only MIMS, but also much more famous car dealerships. The organizers of prestigious foreign motor shows have long considered providing a space for historical exhibitions a good form. However, even at specialized exhibitions of “junk workers” - the Parisian “Retromobile” or the Essenian “Technoclassic”, other stands of Russian collectors and restorers will not be lost at all.

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