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How To Get Into The Top Ten
How To Get Into The Top Ten


TEST: VAZ 2110 2 and VAZ 2110 3



The VAZ 2110 family is the most complete among other domestic models. In addition to different bodies - a sedan, station wagon, hatchback, they also offer two versions of engines of the same volume, but with a different number of valves, and, accordingly, characteristics. During the time that the Volga Automobile Plant produces “tens” with eight- and sixteen-valve engines, the magazine published a lot of materials about the tests, operation, and repair of these cars. However, readers' calls are regularly heard with questions: what to take, which engine is better?

On our test, there are two representatives of the “tenth” family, VAZ 2110 2 and VAZ 2110 3. The price difference of the eight- and sixteen-valve models is now about 6 thousand rubles. Of course, we are talking about the same trim levels, because the “one hundred and second” in the “luxury” version with heated front seats, fog lights, a spoiler with an additional brake light, trip computer, etc. will cost more than the more powerful VAZ 2110 3 in a simple configuration "standard". And while the buyer thinks what it is better to pay for - for a motor or for options, we will begin to compare cars.


“Dozens” with 16-valve VAZ 2112 engines attract primarily power and torque indicators - they are higher than VAZ 2111 engines with two valves per cylinder. However, the victory here is far from clear. The maximum performance "sixteen valve" produces at higher speeds of the crankshaft.

The start from a traffic light with the same qualifications of drivers will unconditionally win “one hundred and third”. Our measurements of the dynamics at the Dmitrov training ground showed that by 60 km / h the VAZ 2110 2 is half a second behind, and by a hundred the difference increases to one and a half. With a further set of speed, the separation only increases, and the "maximum speeds" differ significantly - 169.5 and 181.1 km / h. However, the VAZ 2112 engine at first unwinds rather reluctantly, and only after 3500 the tachometer needle will rush to the red zone. The "Eleventh" engine is endowed with a more even characteristic - it carries evenly, yielding to the opponent only at high speeds.

This is confirmed by measurements of elasticity. When accelerating in fourth gear from 60 to 100 km / h, the advantage of the “sixteen valve” is minimal - 14.4 versus 14.2 s. And in the range of 80–120 km / h, the fifth more powerful and “torque” VAZ 2112 engine … is inferior to 3.7 s! This happens because in the second case the motor has to spin from lower revs, that is, in the range disadvantageous for the multivalve.

In general, it is more convenient to push in city traffic jams on the “top ten” with the VAZ 2111 engine. Once again, you do not have to play the clutch and gas, so that the car does not twitch and does not stall. VAZ 2110 2 will demonstrate the best elasticity also in the country - on overtaking or on the rise. Where "one-third" will ask for a lower, eight-valve motor will free the driver from unnecessary switching. However, if overtaking is necessary to accelerate sharply, then it is safer to do it on the VAZ 2110 3, however, with one condition - in low gear, maintaining high speed.

However, the VAZ 2110 2 has another advantage, which many do not know about - profitability. "Ten", we must pay tribute to her, and so famous for a rather modest appetite, and especially with an eight-valve engine. On the VAZ 2110 2 highway, it can win up to 0.5 l / 100 km. True, this is true at the speeds permitted by the Rules. The "gas to the floor" mode and a speed of 110 km / h will just as predictably lead the more powerful car into the lead.

By the way, for both, the plant recommends AI-95 gasoline. And if for a “sixteen valve” with a rather high compression ratio (10.5) this is still justified - it often reacts to low-octane fuel with detonation knocks, then the VAZ 2111 engine (compression ratio - 9.9) painlessly digests the “ninety-first”. It is proved by long-term operation of editorial machines.

VAZ 2110 2 and 21103 are distinguished by 13 - and 14-inch wheels. The ventilated brake discs hidden behind them are also of different diameters. When installing large wheels and wheels on the VAZ 2110 2, many mistakenly believe that the car will, sorry for the pun, slow down faster. With prolonged braking, for example, on mountain serpentines, the “one-third” brake discs of an increased diameter are really more effective - due to their larger area they are better cooled. However, under normal conditions, in the city or on the highway, you are unlikely to notice the difference. In order not to be unfounded, I’ll give you the numbers: on the test VAZ 2110 3, the braking distance from 100 km / h was 56.5 m, and on the VAZ 2110 2 it was 55. As you can see, the “one hundred and second” even retarded its opponent - apparently, made regular tires with better grip.


At first, the costs of maintaining the eight- and sixteen-valve “ten” are unlikely to differ. The frequency of scheduled maintenance for these machines is the same, and most dealers ask for equal amounts of work. True, do not forget about consumables and spare parts - the cost of some parts for the VAZ 2110 3 is 1.5–2 times higher.

After the warranty ends, many refuse expensive dealerships, trusting the car to a familiar auto service or repairing it on their own. Under the hood, "one hundred and third" closely. When getting to some nodes or parts, sometimes you have to perform more operations than on the VAZ 2110 2. An example is the replacement of candles. But the hydraulic compensators in the valve drive allow the owner of the VAZ 2110 3 not to recall the systematic adjustment of the gaps.

Unlike the VAZ 2111 motor, on the “sixteen-valve” valves and, sometimes, parts of the connecting rod-piston group usually suffer when the timing belt breaks. True, recently such cases have been infrequent, but no one is safe from buying a low-quality or fake part.

Not the best place under the hood of the VAZ 2110 2 was assigned by the linkers to the ignition module - at the bottom in front of the engine. It is necessary to storm even a shallow ford very carefully, otherwise dry will not come out of the water. At “one-third,” the module is located on the top of the motor and is closed by a plastic cover.

At the end of the last century, neutralizers began to be installed on the “dozens”. Today it is rather difficult to buy a VAZ 2110 3 that does not meet Euro II standards. But a car with an eight-valve engine is quite real. By the way, one of them turned out to be a car that got to our test. It is surprising that one of the most expensive domestic models continues to pollute the atmosphere. According to unofficial statistics, this site with attentive hosts lives for a long time. In addition, the difference in prices for the "tens" that meet different environmental requirements is almost imperceptible.

The owner of an environmentally friendly “ten” should remember another important parameter - ground clearance. The neutralizer in the exhaust system is suspended below the rest of the elements. True, it reduces clearance by only 10 mm.

To summarize, I note that the eight- and sixteen-valve “tens” are approximately equally endowed with advantages and disadvantages. This, by the way, confirms the ratio of sales - cars with VAZ 2111 and 2112 engines buy about the same. We hope that the range of engines for Russian cars will expand in the future, and there will be more differences between the units. Everyone will win - dealers will increase sales, buyers will have a wide choice, and journalists will have more reasons for such tests.


VAZ 2110 2 - “ten” with an eight-valve engine is designed for people who are accustomed to driving prudently. Well suited for the role of a car for a small family.

+ High-torque engine, the ability to consume AI-91, the relative ease of repair and maintenance.

- Poor quality of spare parts and components in the trade, lack of a converter (for machine parts).


VAZ 2110 3 - what kind of Russian does not like fast driving? Good workpiece for tuning: a dynamic engine is not the best way to combine with soft suspension and non-sharp steering.

+ Modern engine design, good speed performance, compliance with Euro II.

- Low quality of spare parts and components in the trade, the need to use AI-95, mediocre elasticity.



VAZ 2110 2 VAZ 2110 3

Engine Assembly 26, 000 42, 000

Cylinder Head Assembly 7500 12 150

Cylinder block 5800 5500

Camshaft 600 800

Crankshaft 1900 1350

Timing belt 150 250

High-voltage wires 450 900

Water pump 250 400

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