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Copper Ratio

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Copper Ratio
Copper Ratio




Need I say how important the generator power is now? Indeed, more and more consumers "suck out" energy, however, constant traffic jams and idling do not allow to increase the charging current. Is that a dead end? It turns out that the limits of perfection of generators have not yet been reached. The Bosch company conjured over its T1, designed for installation in buses and trucks, and increased the generator capacity by 10%. What is the difference between T1-Multipower and its predecessor?

First of all, it was possible to increase the so-called fill factor of the stator winding. Simply put, more copper was placed in the same volume (the inevitable air gaps between the turns were reduced). Accordingly, the rotor winding was counted and optimized. Bottom line: when the rotor rotates at a speed of 1, 500 rpm, the Multipower gives out a solid 78 A. Well, at 6, 000 rpm, it’s all 155 A. The dimensions and connecting dimensions of the generator have not changed.

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