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CHOOSE A CAR: Toyota Camry




For several years, Toyota Camry - one of the leaders in sales in the Russian market. At the same time, the car is not one of the most affordable. An important component of success is the high reputation of the model as one of the most reliable. However, the price can be called moderate - for this class, of course.

A well-equipped business sedan with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine and a five-speed manual gearbox costs $ 29, 800, with an automatic - $ 31, 300. The machines are equipped with several electronic systems - anti-lock ABS, EBD brake force distribution, and Brake Assist. In an expensive version, there are VSC stability control devices and TRC traction control (disconnected). All Camry have four airbags (front and side for the driver and passenger), active front seat head restraints, ISOFIX child seat mounts.

The basic equipment includes fog lights with washers, exterior mirrors with electric drive and heating, climate control with a dust filter. There are power windows in all the doors, cupholders front and rear, radio with CD-receiver, six speakers and an electric antenna on the rear wing. The steering wheel and gear lever are covered with leather, the windows are slightly tinted, the front seats are heated, the sunshields are equipped with mirrors with a lid and adjustable brightness. In general, everything is as it should be in business class.

If this kit is not enough for someone, you can choose an expensive package bundle - there is still a lot in store. Without being distracted by the details, I can only say that a car with a leather interior, a 3-liter engine and an automatic transmission will cost $ 39, 800. This is exactly the one on our test.


Toyota has a lot of oval and soft, functionally comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Unlike many classmates, there are no clusters of tightly grouped buttons on the front of the Camry - freedom gives airiness.

True, it’s unusual to detect a shutdown of the traction control somewhere far below the left - you can tilt your head to recognize this button. The logic is clear: what is rarely used is far away; what’s more important is closer. Some “secondary” functions have to be sought. But you don’t need to concentrate on the main ones - their buttons themselves come to hand.

The car can easily accommodate four people and a huge luggage. Behind a two-meter driver a person will sit comfortably a little above average height. It is also spacious in width, so the fifth one will not feel too restrained.

Large by Japanese standards and rather soft chairs offer modest lateral support, the leather steering wheel is in the hands perfectly.

According to a long-established tradition on Toyota, you rarely see solutions that are beautiful and fashionable, but uncomfortable. But no matter how archaic the rotary knobs of the radio tape recorder may seem, including for adjusting the wave, nothing more convenient has been invented to this day - that's why the Camry has just such. But the cassette gave way to the CD.


The intensity of acceleration is easily judged by the nameplate on the trunk. The first hundred "Camry" with a 3-liter engine takes 9.1 seconds and very zealously seeks to swallow the second. Quite a bit inferior to a powerful modification is a car with a 2.4 liter engine and “mechanics”. This accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.4 s, and given that the "automatic" slightly smoothes the driver's senses, the ability to please him is both the same. However…

The suspension settings of Toyota, as well as the ergonomics of the workplace, by no means push to aggressive driving. On the contrary, getting used to the car, you try to enjoy comfortable movement in space. Only occasionally do you squeeze gas to the floor in order to reach the required moderately fast speed mode. And with the same pleasure you “remove traction”, intending to quietly “rustle” on asphalt.

The suspension is energy intensive but soft; not very fond of fast steering, responding to it with tangible roll of the body. But swallows potholes with pleasure. Where another car shakes in the wake, the Camry will only impressively swing. With quiet work as a steering wheel, the car accurately and quickly fulfills the driver’s commands, without requiring adjustment of the path.

The sensitivity of the controls is also designed for a comfortable ride: it is convenient to dose small accelerations and decelerations with pedals. Yes, and an automatic transmission works best when you do not push the gas pedal too fast - and the gears are barely noticeable, and the engine's capabilities are fully realized. But if you “stomp” more rudely, a “misunderstanding” arises: “steps” appear when you switch, and the driver’s seat pushes him firmly into the back.

There are probably no cars without flaws. At Toyota, the most significant does not apply to the product, but to the distribution network and branded service. Sometimes there is a feeling that the high popularity of the brand placed a heavy burden on them: try to repair the car quickly and for a reasonable price. Well, the Camry is a very nice car for fast, but not aggressive driving on Russian roads, because its popularity is well-founded.


TO 10, 000 km 190

THAT 20 000 km 250

THAT 30, 000 km 190

Front brake shoes 100

Brake shoes rear 58

Timing belt + rollers + work 56 + 168 + n. d.

Front bumper 280

Rear bumper 295

Hood 455

Front door 450

Door back 400

Front wing 215


(with set for pasting) 580 (!)

Headlight 210

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