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Video: Approach (Full Video) Jovan Dhillon feat. Dilpreet Dhillon I Karan Aujla | Latest Punjabi Songs 2018 2023, February

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Khodynka was still an airfield, and not a sleeping one, as it is now, an area, on the field there is a track, on the track there is a ShKMG championship. The dominant type of motors is the inline four. Among this multi-cylinder herd there was a big "deuce", in it from tuning - only Akrapovic Evo Titaninum 2-in-2 instead of standard silencers. Close your eyes, listen. Here comes the “circular saw" - the Yamaha R6. That's because of the turn there was a “drill” - it's probably R1 … Sounds familiar, familiar to any motorcyclist and not puzzling. But the mighty bass growl of “heavy helical bomber” is growing, blocking all sounds. Everything is confused: why make an approach to the airfield during the race?.. After a minute and a half, the sound piles up again. Probably, the first time it was not possible to sit down - I had to make a circle in the air. When the "landing" is repeated for the third time, curiosity forces you to open your eyes. This is not a bomber - it is a red VTR1000-SP1, on it is Richard Goodwin (reign to him heaven!).

So for the first time I heard this motorcycle. The great song of his motor sunk into the soul with a grain and began to sprout.

In the hall of the motor show is VTR1000-SP1 with mileage of "zero". I felt it for about thirty minutes: I sat, and set up the mirrors for myself, and pushed the levers, and tried on my feet on the steps, and examined it from all angles … I like it. Highly! The motorcycle looks funny in front - as if the actor had escaped from the anime set. The eyes are big and surprised, and the sunken nose is a typical animated Japanese … But the price was unbearable.

But here's the Christmas news: this particular bike is being given for $ 9500. I scrubbed on the guts, I borrow, I seek reserves - I'm flying!.. I was late. Such gifts do not stale for a long time. There are enough connoisseurs.

SP1 of 2000 of release goes to Moscow, mileage - 15 thousand km, no tuning and racing past! After a long and tedious bidding, it was possible to drop the price below 9 thousand. Again, susek, reserves, a “green cutlet" in the hands of … And again he left!

The question arises: if these motorcycles sell so well, then why are there so few of them on the streets?

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