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Will The Drill Bit Win?

Video: Will The Drill Bit Win?
Video: Stepped Drill Bits ✅ 2023, February
Will The Drill Bit Win?
Will The Drill Bit Win?





The more expensive the product, the better it is - there is such a sign. But another popular wisdom is also known: "There is a cracker to any castle." We decided to conduct a two-in-one experiment - to verify the validity of both of these theses.

It is believed that the most enduring garage guards are level locks. In ZR, 2004, No. 6, endurance tests were carried out “affordable” at the price of a product, this time let's see what “aristocrats” are capable of - top-class mechanisms from Italian manufacturers at prices ranging from 6, 000 to 7, 000 rubles. It’s not a shame to give such a beautiful lock to a girl (especially if she got a car thanks to you).

And who are the judges? Recall the third wisdom: "They do not seek good from good." The hacking ace is the police captain familiar to us from past tests. Countless locks passed through his hands (solely for the purpose of certification!), He even had to go to prisons, learning from the “bear cubs”. On his desktop is a “gentleman's set”: a screwdriver, a drill with a drill and a “grinder”.

In order to make the examination as close as possible to real conditions, locks were installed in a specially prepared door. The task is clear: to find a weak spot among the three "Italians" named CISA, MOTTURA and ATRA. We have already noted that real crackers do not poke a finger at the sky, but use a special template - at least a stencil on graph paper. Each type of lock has its own stencil. And to find out the type and brand of the mechanism for the pros is not a problem: I asked you, for example, in the garage, the key is "11" … you rummage through the tools, and he studies the lock …

But let's not talk about sad things - we will focus on examination. Let's see how our wards are arranged.

CISA is equipped with a combined mechanism: the upper lock is a pin lock, the lower one is a lever lock. The larva of the upper castle consists of red-hot elements, on the outside it is protected by a lining from drilling and breaking, and thanks to the movable element, the key is invulnerable to the cast. The lower mechanism - levers - is also built reliably: levers have false grooves against the master key. In addition, the lock is programmable: having purchased any “Chizovsky” key in the store, you can reconfigure it “for yourself” using a special device. Responsibilities are divided equally: the lever mechanism is responsible for the load, and the pin mechanism with a cunning larva is responsible for secrecy.

Test result: the protected armor plate lock "kept its mouth shut" to the last, but after 14 minutes showed "weakness" in terms of drilling. Under the larva there was a loophole accessible to the drill: apparently, the developers did not assume that they would look for it at all - the pin mechanism is so reliable. Most likely, for the same reason, the stand of the lower lock is not equipped with a protective ball.

MOTTURA - a lock with two lever mechanisms connected together: until you open the upper lock, the lower one is locked. There is nothing to do with the master key here: the false grooves on the levers, as with CISA, are not asleep. In addition, on the inside of the lock there is a latch independent of the rest of the mechanism.

Test result: the mechanism is well-assembled, but cannot boast of one hundred percent defense ability: after 12 minutes of communication with the drill, the lock “relaxed” and issued everything that it knew. The protective pad quickly succumbed to the drill, and the ball in the rack, not fully pressed in, did not last long.

ATRA - level with a removable privacy mechanism. For greater security, the main privacy mechanism with a set of keys is sealed in its original packaging. The performance of the lock is checked using the "exhibition" mechanism, which must be replaced with the main one during installation. This function is very convenient: there is no need to purchase a new lock in case of loss or theft of a key - you can limit yourself to replacing a small secret mechanism.

Test result: the castle was “silent” for only 5 minutes, after which it “spoke” as cute. The thing is in the very window for setting the privacy mechanism - that’s why it’s not protected! With a confident movement, the captain cut it out, unscrewed the two mounting screws, and the crossbars retreated.

Verdict: all three "Italians" in terms of performance are not satisfactory and will surely serve their master for a long time. Thanks to well-selected materials, they work without lubrication, so the likelihood of jamming is minimal. Suvalds are worked out at a high level, their false grooves are always “on guard”, they do not lend themselves to a master key.

Victory, though with a slight margin, was awarded to CISA Castle. Firstly, he held the defense longer than others, and secondly, the captain (and therefore to us …) really liked the key with a moving element.

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