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Among business people, “offices on wheels” are becoming increasingly popular - cars for business trips: comfortable, equipped with modern office equipment and communications. With such an eye, they created a new “Sable-Comfort”.

Bulk cars assembled on a conveyor belt bake like pancakes. Some of the buyers are not satisfied with the upholstery, the brand of the radio, the color of the tinted windows. It’s not easy to please everyone. At the same time, the cost of fine-tuning a car in tuning companies is usually sky-high. Not everyone will risk turning.

The most frequent requests and proposals of car owners are now implemented in one car. GAZ Auto Salon has offered potential buyers a novelty that we are talking about.

Henry Ford used to joke: “A car can be of any color - provided that it is black!” The corporate color of Sable-Comfort is the black and silver metallic “aventurine”. The color here determines the style of the machine, so that the plastic parts of the body, and the door handles of the same color. Tinted windows also harmonize with them - all this together makes the car more solid and completely perceived. To the place here, the “kengurin”, popular among motorists, is chrome-plated, with fog lights and, most importantly, certified. Finally, we note alloy wheels and plastic lockers in the arches. Of course, the machine immediately undergoes complete anti-corrosion treatment after assembly.

Passengers were especially taken care of. The sliding door is equipped with an electric drive, under it is a chrome step. The interior is separated from the driver’s cabin by a partition with a lowering window. Both the passenger and the driver can control the sliding door and the glass of the partition. The power windows in the front doors are electric. There is a central castle.

You will not see the usual seats in the cabin - instead of them are folding sofas, double and triple, trimmed with leather and velor. Between them, as in the usual Barguzin, there is a folding table that does not interfere with spreading sofas in a double bed along the salon, which is more convenient, especially for tall people. On a long trip, you can spend the night here, which once again justifies the name of the development - "Comfort". We also note a powerful air conditioner built into the roof of the cabin, and a voltage converter necessary for powering office equipment from a constant 12 V to an alternating 220 V.

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