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Place Of Work - Crossroads


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Place Of Work - Crossroads
Place Of Work - Crossroads



Children running across the roadway, playing near roads, not fastened in a car - this is our main headache. It is believed that the danger to the children is when they go out into the street. Yes and no. After all, you look: parents put almost babies in the front seat, don’t fasten them … How to relate to this? Today, the main prevention tool is the Administrative Code. You will fine a parent for fifty for not having fastened the child - because others are indignant and scandalous: they say, my child, as I want, I drive. That's where the wildness is! Sharp braking is enough - and that’s it, the child has a serious injury. After all, he is light, bones are fragile …

Last year, there were 25 thousand accidents involving children, 1561 children died. So, almost half died because of no fault of their own (well, it happens that a boy ran out onto the roadway behind a ball - and that’s all …), but because of adults! When I myself worked as a traffic police inspector, I remember stopping the “cool guy” who was impudently pedestrians, and I said: “Boy, you yourself are a father! Imagine that someone is ramming your children now with a bumper …”But an inspector cannot approach every driver and appeal to his conscience. There are the same rules of the road: violated - a fine, and period. Two systems should work clearly to protect children: prevention and coercion. In addition, we work little on the arrangement of road infrastructure, especially near schools, kindergartens and clinics.

Every year on the eve of September 1, the traffic police conducts a raid "Caution, children!" These days, inspectors conduct classes in schools, posters appear on the streets urging drivers to be especially attentive to small pedestrians … And then they remove the posters (they cost a lot of money!) Until next season, and lessons on traffic safety are also forgotten. And the curve of traffic accidents - it does not depend on the schedules for conducting infrequent propaganda campaigns, it knows rushing upwards, behind the growth of the Russian fleet …

Two chapters of material in this issue are like two sides of the same coin. Despite their dissimilarity, they are united by a common theme, a common pain about our children, whose safety on the roads we rarely think about in everyday life. And even we ourselves put them at risk - do you often fasten your beloved child with belts? Prohibit sitting in the front seat? Explained how to cross the street? Remember …

… Some young vandals uprooted the right mirror in my car, although it didn’t bother anyone. “Here, the pioneers are such and such,” I muttered, handing over the car to the service. “You can’t leave the car in the yard for half an hour!” But my righteous anger was cooled by the master: “Why are you cursing, these are our children!” We made them like that, we adults are responsible for them!”


Day after day, at the noisy metropolitan intersections I observe the same picture: among growling cars children scurry around, very small and older. They knock on the windows, offering flowers, brochures and stickers, watches - just beg for alms. They are at work. Some distribute promotional products in order to earn pocket money; for others, the road is the only place where they manage to get at least something for their food. Similar pictures have long ceased to be purely Moscow; they can be seen in any Russian city, on a busy highway … We do not set out to understand why the children were on the streets and who is to blame. We just tried to find out what the “flowers of life" are doing here, and now they are small road users. How do they feel?


… At the first intersection, I literally stumble upon two girls dressed in elegant branded caps and jackets. Two yellowish “chicks” in clubs of bluish smoke with acrobatic dexterity squeeze between cars, handing out leaflets. While I am standing at a traffic light, I am trying to get to know each other, while asking questions about my labor successes: how much can I earn by dodging cars? "Fine! - assure Polina and her partner Tatyana. “Two hundred and fifty rubles in four hours.” We are brought to busy intersections during rush hours, morning or evening, the task is to distribute as many leaflets as possible. The people are different - someone strives to get to know each other, and someone “sends”. But we like it, and the addition to the scholarship is not bad!”I do not have time to ask where these clever promoters (as their profession is called all over the world) study when a girl grows up a bit older (literally from under the ground). But judging by a strict look - the head of Polina and Tatyana. “Why are so few leaflets handed out? Why are you moving sluggishly?”After waiting for the strict boss to cool, I timidly tried to protect the girls by delving into the local“kitchen”.

- You do not scold the girls, they work well. Drive out - who will go here instead of them?

- Yes, anyone! We accept all girls from 16 to 25 years old, the main thing is that we don’t take fat and “clumsy” ones.

- But do not complain, for example, about the traffic police or working conditions?

- Not. Some faint during the shift, but this is their problem. You can’t, don’t work …

Honestly, I, a healthy man, felt uneasy. And after 20 minutes spent in idle conversations at the crossroads (I didn’t work, constantly showing a “sincere” smile!), My head ached and I really wanted to take a breath of fresh air …

Finally, he asked Polina: is this way of making money harmful to girl’s health?

“I think it's not very useful, but try to find another job!”

And what about this inspector of traffic police thinks. Here he is, walking with his rod literally fifty meters. After all, beauties not only risk their own lives and create emergency situations, but simply violate traffic rules (for which, incidentally, even a fine is imposed - 50 rubles).

- And what, these girls are “their own”? I innocently asked, asking the sergeant for a light.

“What are you, there is no agreement with these girls boys,” he replied. “It just doesn't make sense!” Of course, beggars, CD sellers, advertisers and the like live under their own “roof” - ordinary bandits controlling such a business. Those distribute who, at what crossroads, when and what will sell (or collect alms). We do not chase the guys for one simple reason - nine out of ten have not reached the age of 16, and therefore the administrative responsibility under Article 2.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses does not apply to them. The only thing I can do is to detain and bring one to the nearest department. And be sure to notify parents of the detention! But in most cases the “child” has no idea where his parents are and what they are doing now. And the police can only threaten such a violator with a finger.


From time to time we are horrified by the fact that the life expectancy of people is reduced, that the nation is on the verge of extinction … This, of course, is terrible. The economic crisis, scanty pensions, fake vodka, climate change - are you to blame? But these are all global reasons. And according to the assessment of ordinary candidate of medical sciences Elena Knyazeva, who once took measurements at three Moscow crossroads, exhaust fumes are the cause of 70% (!) Of diseases, some of which appear immediately, and some will come back after ten years with infertility and oncological problems. After all, one car emits with an exhaust of 1000-1200 components, many of which are toxic. In the summer, on the streets of large cities with busy traffic, a special atmospheric phenomenon occurs - “photosmog”. Poisonous oxides, when exposed to ultraviolet radiation in heat, form volatile compounds, which are deadly to breathe! In general, every fifth disease in children occurs due to air pollution. In megacities, there are more and more asthmatic children … This is an “average”, and what kind of “bouquet” will the “flower” receive after standing at least one season on the road? And then what will the Snickers earned on the road cost?


Soviet power remained in memory with various traits. Yes, there were lines for everything and “holiday” sets of shortages, but there was still a carefree childhood: circles, sports schools and sections, camping trips and detachments of young traffic inspectors. Surprisingly, in some places they are well preserved! We went to Podolsk near Moscow to see how the local UID works.


A detachment of young inspectors of the movement of the Podolsk Center for Children's Creativity is already 21 years old. Boys and girls study traffic rules here, first aid techniques … They have their own propaganda team, which speaks in schools in the city. But the most interesting thing is practical training, when the guys (starting from the sixth grade!) Patrol the tracks with the traffic police inspectors.


So, Chekhov district, time is closer to evening. Six boys and girls under the leadership of two traffic police officers go to the track near the school. A radar with a video camera identifies violators of the high-speed regime, they are stopped by an inspector, but the members of the UID team will have to explain the reason for the detention. A girl of 13 years old needs a clear explanation from the driver: why is he traveling at a speed of 81 km / h, although only 60 is allowed here? A hefty guy blushes and, like a second-year-old overgrowth, quietly whispers: "Excuse me, I … here … sorry." About the same reaction was the vast majority of male drivers: they turned pale and blushed at the sight of small inspectors. After all, the first question they were asked by boys and girls was: “Do you have children? And why are you rushing like this, because there is a school nearby?”By the way, many after such a notation said:“Now I began to respect the traffic cops, well done, they’re busy with children.”

Surprised by the behavior of female drivers. How many times have we heard (and written) that the woman behind the wheel is more collected, attentive, accurate, etc. However, in a few hours we radically changed our minds. Women violated speed limits even more often than men! And one lady, having seen that a child in the form of an inspector approaches her Volkswagen, simply refused to talk to him! By the way, none of the men allowed themselves to be like that …

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