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For several generations of motorists, the Renault brand is associated, first of all, with massive, relatively inexpensive cars. But it was not always so. Before World War II, the plant also made large, prestigious and sports cars, which are now called classic. Such Renaults competed, if not with the Bugatti, then with the allotments and Hotchkisses.

In the mid-1930s, the Nervastella model enjoyed the trust of wealthy buyers, and before the war, the company produced the Viva family, including the elegant Gran Sport convertible with an in-line 110-strong Eight.

Today, classic traditions are in price. It is not by chance that the Renault Fluence concept car was presented at the Louis Vuitton Classic English exhibition, where the most beautiful cars of various, including bygone times, are brought.


The creators of Fluance are aware that any design delights are just a kind of approximation to the inaccessible patterns created by nature. Drawing the body and interior, Renault stylists recalled the simple, clean and graceful outline of the leaves. Such a “natural design” had a beneficial effect on aerodynamics. By the way, for the sake of it, even a pattern of wheel disks was specially selected, which at high speed seemed to “suck” air.

Modern headlights with several LED sections that are lit alternately, depending on the steering angle, fit perfectly into the classic lines of the body.

A car with a length of 4.6 meters and a base of 2.75 meters provides comfort to all riders, including the rear. There, by the way, elegant lamps were provided.

The front seats helpfully swivel for comfort. And you can adjust them by moving not only back and forth and up and down, but also … right and left. In this case, the armrests on the door also change position.

The 3.5-liter V6 engine, familiar from Renault Vel Satis, is boosted to 206 kW / 280 liters. s., develops a moment of 365 N.m and meets the standards of Euro IV. Drive - to the front wheels, six-speed automatic transmission with manual shift.

The designers carefully tuned the exhaust system in order to teach it a thoroughbred, "classic" roar. Finishing the car in manageability, they “honed” the suspension and even installed tires with different patterns on the front and rear axles. But in general, there is nothing unearthly, something that could not be embodied in a production model tomorrow, in Renault Fluence.


And yet, we are not talking about production. At least for now. Elegant coupe - rather a game of fantasy designers.

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