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Tsunami Breath


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Tsunami Breath
Tsunami Breath


The most serious misconception regarding subwoofers is to deny their necessity as such. Say, hefty box, and in the car takes up a lot of space … Maybe you can do without it? No, an ordinary speaker, even the most progressive and expensive, is not able to develop high sound pressure in the low-frequency region.

And what should be a subwoofer, is it a subwoofer? Big, small, maybe medium? And in general, what should it look like: a cabinet, a drawer, a large pipe or a pyramid? Or is it enough that a lone speaker with a huge diffuser is lying in the trunk? This is a very important question: what kind of subwoofer should be, where it will be located and how it will work, you need to decide before purchasing it, but not after it.

By and large, the entire subwoofer “technique” can be divided into two types - built-in and overhead. In the latter case, the subwoofers are already sold in a ready-made housing - all these “modules” and “boxes” simply settle in the trunk. Let's say right away: such products are simpler, but by no means better! In practice, in 99% of cases, a subwoofer needs its own, original enclosure.

Built-in appliances have all the advantages over the purchase. It is adapted to the body of a particular car and looks like a logical continuation of its interior. You can’t just pull it out (read - steal) from the trunk and take it with you. Moreover, such a sub, as a rule, is located in the unused part of the car body, which means that it does not occupy usable space. Of course, a custom-made subwoofer selects the required volume for the client’s musical preferences. Finally, in the design style of the built-in case, you can also design other components of the audio system: amplifiers, capacitors, distributors, which, with a skillful and inventive approach, can turn a car into a work of art. The drawback is, in general, one - a considerable cost …

In addition to choosing the type of subwoofer, attention should be paid to their number. The saloon of a business or executive car is usually quite large, and one 25-cm or even 30-cm subwoofer is not able to “pump” a large interior space. The solution is obvious: install two or more subwoofers.

There is another very interesting way to install low-frequency speakers - in the "free space": this type of installation is also called "Free Air" (Free-Air). In this case, the volume for the subwoofer will be the entire trunk, hermetically separated from the cabin space by a powerful shelf. Installing Free-Air is the most difficult of the options, as it requires additional reinforcement of the rear shelf, complete noise isolation and sealing of the trunk. However, less space is consumed - in addition, a speaker installed in the rear shelf will “play” lower bass.

The location of the subwoofer can be different and depends on the specific type of car body - this is a topic for another discussion. The sound pressure in such installations is comparable to the strongest draft - you feel the bass with your whole body, even the hair on the back of your head moves! It creates the feeling of the most powerful pulsating air flow inside the car. However, the ears do not experience this overload, which appears when listening to sound at a lower volume, but with greater distortion. You should also know that when building sound systems that develop a high level of sound pressure, the entire car must be treated with soundproofing material, including the roof.

Which company to give preference? The best woofers are made by world-famous leaders such as Rockford Fosgate, Hi-Fonics, Phoenix Gold, Em-Tx (MTX). The choice of a particular brand and model should be approached carefully and scrupulously - you can not do without the advice of the installer. He recalls that Rockford Fosgate produces a large range of subwoofers suitable for working in a closed box, and HiFonics, in turn, makes very decent heads for working in free space. If the volumes are “squeezing”, then the Phoenix Gold subwoofers are quite suitable - they can be placed in very small “rooms”. And "Em-T-Ex" put almost anywhere - and to participate in competitions with them, and for personal purposes - to whom that. As for the price … A ready-made subwoofer can be purchased for $ 150-200, Free-Air starts at $ 150, anatomical subs - from $ 200 … The upper limit, of course, is not indicated, although you can really talk about the sum of $ 1, 500-2, 000…

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