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Rubber Intelligence

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Rubber Intelligence
Rubber Intelligence




At the truck show in Hanover, Siemens VDO showed the Tire-IQ-System intelligent tire monitoring system. Although the main purpose of the device is to control air pressure, its capabilities are much wider. We begin, however, with pressure. Similar systems are becoming commonplace in automobiles. But TIQS stands apart among them. Here, the sensor is not connected to the valve in any way, but is welded into the rubber of the tire. Rather, even “fried” - because the vulcanization temperature reaches 185 ° C at a pressure of 28 bar! However, a thin electronic device withstands these infernal conditions for half an hour. Further, the sensor does not have a power source, the necessary energy is induced by the inductive method (approximately as in a transformer) through a transmit-receive antenna. This is just a wire embedded in the same layer of rubber around the circumference of the wheel. As a result, the rotation of the wheels does not affect the process of exchanging information with the transceiver installed near the wheel.

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