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Hand Washes
Hand Washes





Well, the bosses of grimy repairmen do not like! So what to do? Without getting dirty, even cleaning the cabin can not cope. I cleaned the carburetor - my hands are still not black, but awkward to give. And after repairing the engine, suspension, gearbox - monstrous dirt ingrained in the skin. Wear gloves? But for some operations, even medical ones are rude. Imagine the thinnest latex sometimes distorts the sensation, which is why many avoid it. One thing remains: after finishing work, wash your hands or clean out.

The first is far from simple - everyone who has dealt with black mining and other similar products knows this. A sink will take a lot of time, a lot of soap and water - and even in this case, clean hands are not guaranteed. Some repairmen first “wash away” the dirt with engine oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, solvents - the approach is as effective as it is risky: pick up eczema, which is almost impossible to get rid of. Fortunately, today we have numerous hand cleansers tested and approved by dermatologists. As they say, for every taste: lotions, creams, gels, pastes, packaged in different ways - in small and large packages, with dispensers and without them.

According to the main detergent components, hand cleaners are conventionally divided into two groups: the first - based on oil fractions, the second - with natural extracts of essential oils (mainly citrus).

Cleaners of the first group cope with dirt faster, but they act more aggressively on the skin, the preparations of the second group work softer, more delicate. Nevertheless, all specialized hand cleaners contain components for skin care: extracts of aloe, jojoba, glycerin, lanolin, antiseptics, etc. The cleaning properties of such preparations are increased, if necessary, by adding fine wood sawdust, pumice, etc. P.

How to use cleaners? It’s simple: we put it on our hands (without water!), Rub it on … Further, the opinions of manufacturers differ. Some insist that their dirt-absorbing product be washed away with water. Others are to be wiped off with a rag or napkin. Still others admit options. In short, instructions should not be neglected.

What does the market offer? Let's start with the products of the American company Permatex, which has created a large range of preparations of various compositions and detergent properties. The most popular products today are with natural ingredients, such as Fast Orange, of varying consistencies and in a variety of packaging. So, for workshops with many personnel, the company offers large containers with dispensers, for personal use - small packages, adds a convenient brush for cleaning nails to cleaners with pumice (photo 1). The company produces and compositions based on petroleum products.

The Russian company RM is also very successful in this market. Her hand cleaners are supplied under the brand name “Chistik” (photo 2). The composition of the “Chistik” cream color, under the green cover, is the most universal application: it can be used to clean the body, wheels, plastic linings, and finish with hand cleaning. It is removed with a rag, without water.

Light red “Chistik-pro” promises “it is often safe to clean!” - it does not irritate the skin of the hands, cleans, disinfects, etc. We wash off the traces with water. Bright yellow "Chistik-extreme" is designed to combat the most severe pollution. Washed off with water.

Hand cleaners are also produced by Russian companies Astrokhim and BBF (photo 3). The pasta we bought is BBF - universal use. She showed herself not bad, but in one she unexpectedly failed: after removing it with a rag (in accordance with the instructions!) Her hands were too "fat". It is evident that it is not in vain that the manufacturer advises for such cases: “If necessary, wash with water”!

Found on sale and products of other companies, in particular, the American ABRO and the German "Pingo". The American one was disappointed with a not very pleasant smell, albeit of a citrus origin. Agree that this is an important "trifle"! Pingo pasta smells nicer, and it also contains sawdust that absorbs dirt very well, which is also a definite plus (photo 4).

In order to “test” the cleaners, we dirty the hands of volunteer researchers with two types of “working outs” - a black mixture of motor and transmission oils and equally dirty diesel oil. Rubbed this potion into your hands and then cleaned with various compounds.

All tested means successfully coped with the task. And here are our recommendations for their use:

1. Better than others and faster cleanse the skin of the hand products containing finely divided pumice or wood sawdust. Almost all of them are washed off with water after use, leaving no residue.

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