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Incendiary Japanese


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Incendiary Japanese
Incendiary Japanese



Incendiary Japanese


A quarter of a century ago, this company was simply not taken seriously - they say, what to expect from some insulating factory, even a Japanese one … But today, more than 87% of all global car manufacturers - from Mercedes to Ferrari - use it on their conveyors NGK candles (NGK). And the company's turnover amounted to 2 billion euros last year.

I wonder how NGK candles differ from their many relatives. To get to their lab …


There is nothing easier. NGK is a Japanese company: it means we will fly to Germany. We get into the car there and drive … right, to Belgium - we need to go to France. And from there …

The funny thing is that it was like that. It is difficult to blame the Japanese for motivation - this is the route they considered optimal for us. Say, the European technical center NGK is located in the German Ratingen, and the nearest “candle factory” of the company is near Orleans in France: it is just a stone's throw … It’s like from Moscow to Penza.

Well - let's go. If there is free time, we will find out where Joan of Arc lived here. But for now, all thoughts are about iridium candles.


Noble metals are gold and silver, and also platinum. And there is iridium with a melting point of 2450 ° C. The word Iris in Greek is a rainbow: how can one not make up about the “bright prospects” of its application? Moreover, iridium spark plugs are already sold in our stores - about 500 re units each. In the West, by the way, they are more expensive.

Why did the Japanese come up with iridium candles? Yes, all the same - in the pursuit of one hundred percent reliability of sparking. This, of course, is not about the fight against marriage, but about adverse conditions for igniting the mixture, when even a perfectly working candle sometimes misfires. It is curious that the company considers the most difficult “working conditions” for a spark plug not Siberian frost, but a temperature of about minus 10 ° C, seasoned with frequent engine starts. But in any case, the struggle is for every missed rank - be it at least one in a million cycles. And the decisions are completely different.

Recall, for example, the well-known candles with a V-shaped recess on the central electrode. NGK claims to be the first to use this solution - guess why? It turns out that it’s not at all like an analog of a multi-electrode candle, but in order to move the sparking from the axis of the central electrode to its edges! It is believed here that the propagation of the flame front is facilitated - they say that it’s harder for him to get to “work” from the center than from the “outskirts”.

Then a hybrid appeared - this is a symbiosis of two candles: multi-electrode and platinum. A thin platinum electrode is in the middle, but the aforementioned problems of the “fat” colleague are unknown to him: he is so small that it does not bother anyone. It is clear that noble platinum saves him from premature burnout, but the side electrodes …

And the side electrodes are needed to improve the cold start! Local experts explain: they say, at low temperatures, the spark discharge strives to go “to the left” - to slide down the insulator and “shrink” to the “mass” not at all where it is needed. In the meantime, the candle did not heat up - it did not reach the threshold of 450 ° C - the carbon deposits with relatively low resistance were accumulating on the insulator, and as a result the spark went nowhere. So, to intercept this very “parasitic” spark, just use the side electrodes: it just “wagged to the side”, and here - a convenient spark gap. Willingly have to work.

And where is iridium? Yes, here it is - the central electrode is even thinner than the platinum. As for sparking, it is definitely better! Recall the school: lightning likes to fall into solitary tall trees and other pointed objects - lightning rods work like that. The same lightning strikes in an iridium candle, only in miniature. A similar shape of the electrodes allows the "pointed" candle to break through large spark gaps compared to the "fat woman" under the same conditions. In addition, due to the reduced contact spot, such a candle heats up less.

The actual mileage of such a candle is approximately 100, 000 km. Moreover, the company claims that it can mass-produce candles with any durability, but such a task does not stand before it. Let’s say that Mercedes really needs just 100, 000 km, but the FIAT needs only 30, 000, and the Americans, on the contrary, always “roll over a hundred” - their speed is limited and the loads on multi-liter engines are lower. By the way, for almost every car NGK candles are available in two versions: “long life” - for the conveyor, and cheaper - for the secondary market. This is not from the “better-worse” area, but simply completely different models: do you want to buy a “conveyor belt” - for God's sake.

By the way, on some candles the insulator has not a corrugated, but a smooth surface! The explanation is rather unusual. The fact is that the cap of the high-voltage wire that is familiar to us over time seems to be welded to the insulator - the imprint is immediately noticeable. I wanted to change the candles - change also the caps with wires: there are no problems, but normal contact is worth it. But if we are talking about modern engines with personal ignition coils on each cylinder, then such a replacement immediately flies into the penny. So, according to the company, smooth insulators in such cases behave better - relatively heavy coils “sit” on them reliably, but do not “stick” - neither air nor moisture get inside. The location of the candles does not matter. But for "ordinary" motors, candles with corrugated insulators are still preferable.


Finding a candle for a specific motor is a long business. The developer of the new engine delivers it to NGK, stipulates the required resource and sets the price range - they say, no more than so many piastres … After that, the candlestick masters start … no, do not develop, but to start fumbling through the gimbals - almost certainly something similar has already been created, but for the time being it remained unclaimed. Suitable candles are pulled out of the bins, then their incandescent number is adjusted and tests begin - idling, starting properties, mileage, ignition ignition. Of course, the customer will then conduct its tests - already on the road.

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