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900 Cubes Intravenously

Video: 900 Cubes Intravenously
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900 Cubes Intravenously
900 Cubes Intravenously

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A new snowmobile, the Fusion 900, has appeared in the model range of the American company Polaris. A powerful engine, matching its suspension, the steering system works perfectly. There is no doubt: it is intended for the “injection into the blood” of adrenaline, and in ultra-high doses.

“After a couple of hours of aggressive snowmobiling, my whole body hurts as if you had been plowing in pentathlon for a week,” a former pentathlete once told me. But this is not about the Fusion 900. To lessen the pilot’s muscles, specialists from Polaris Industries came up with a simple, like a bayonet shovel, but an effective thing - the “driver position selection system” Rider Select. The American magazine "Supertrax" called this system "technical innovation of the year." This is an approach that has no analogues: the position of the steering wheel is regulated along an arc of 15 cm - and this is enough! Taking the steering wheel back, you can lean back and relax “steer” in a straight line. Taking it all the way forward, you sit in a position that allows you to easily jump to your feet on the floor of the snowmobile. The position names speak for themselves: Attack, Comfort, Control. There are seven steering wheel adjustments - for a driver of any weight and size.

Proper landing is good, but where is the most sensible snowmobile you feel? Right, through the seat. At Fusion, it is not at all simple. In front, his profile is fitted for extreme driving. When the pilot rides with a “walking step” and can lean back, he will feel that the back is wider and softer.

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