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VAZ 2111

Manufacturer: AvtoVAZ, Russia

Release year: 2003

In operation "DRIVING": since December 2003

Mileage at the time of the report: 15 thousand km

Previous journal publications:

2004, No. 4, 7

Our tuning work is again interrupted. No, this time the car was not stolen, just VAZ 2111 became a victim of handling tests. It's a shame, of course, but this is the work, if you like, of the fate of some vehicles subjected to unusual loads that mimic various emergency situations. In the language of documents, such tests are called “hazardous work”. Apparently not in vain, because as a result of the driver’s experiments, our car turned over on a clear, fine day on the even, dry asphalt of the Dmitrov auto test site. Say it’s nonsense, because such “shortcomings” should be eliminated by the automaker, at least in relation to passenger cars. In most cases, this is so, and, in particular, for VAZ cars, the probability of tipping over is minimized. Just our car - not quite standard, including steering.

"Changeling" probably were, is and will be in the foreseeable future. After all, there is always the possibility of an insidious combination of circumstances that violate all the calculations of factory engineers. Let us recall a long-standing incident with an A-class Mercedes, put “on the ears” by zealous car journalists. Surely there were other similar cases, they just did not cause such a noisy resonance, because the human factor plays far from the last role in such incidents.

By the way, what happened on the landfill didn’t surprise anyone. The local luminary, a specialist with a great experience in terms of stability and controllability, immediately commented on the situation:

- What happened? So, skidding of the rear axle, then the secondary wobble. With a front wheel loaded disc struck on the asphalt? It’s familiar. I recently had a similar incident with …

It probably does not make sense to name a highly respected brand of car that crashed during testing. I repeat, circumstances are insidious things. Let’s better analyze what happened, “debriefing” is always useful.

So, our absolutely serial VAZ 2111 was equipped with air conditioning, ABS and the Makhachkala electric power steering (ZR, 2004, No. 7). Let me remind you: none of the listed improvements deserved positive recommendations - all required fine-tuning tests. In particular, the air conditioning system was not effective enough, the brake pedal was too heavy, and the steering wheel, on the contrary, was too light. At that time, consultations with installers did not lead to anything concrete: we were offered to wait until the situation with Kalina was finally resolved. Therefore, the "eleventh" worked on a different topic - we prepared material about an unusual rear suspension beam developed by one of the Togliatti tuning companies. Alas, they did not have time to try it - in view of the above circumstances.

What failed? In my opinion, several factors worked.

When performing one of the standard exercises (speed - about 80 km / h), a too light steering wheel made it possible to turn it at a larger angle than was required to correct the drift. As a result, a sharp redistribution of the weight of the machine, the deformation is already very worn when testing tires. And although the pressure in the latter was repeatedly verified, still the wheel drive reached the asphalt. And as soon as the machine appeared an additional hard point of support, then, according to the laws of physics, she immediately took advantage of it!

Then everything happened instantly, as if in front of my eyes in one motion 180 ° turned over the TV screen. A blow, cracks that ran along the windshield, a split second of sliding on the roof, then a blow again - we are again on wheels - and … it’s as if nothing had happened. The motor works, everything is in place, we just stand, for some reason, turned in the opposite direction, but the driver’s door does not open, it jammed. As it is customary to write in the closing credits: "One car suffered." The driver, who, of course, was fastened, escaped with bruises and a slight fright.

I am not inclined to blame only the car for what happened. Of course, it is far from ideal, and design flaws could well provoke, for example, too sharp and deep skidding of the rear axle. A high center of gravity (read - high ground clearance) and true Russian suspension travels - affect the tendency to tip over.

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