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Answers Traffic Police

Answers Traffic Police
Answers Traffic Police

I heard that now minor accidents can be left out of the traffic police. How in this case will the insurance issue be resolved?


You have the wrong information. The traffic rules of the Russian Federation (paragraph 2.5) oblige drivers involved in a traffic accident to report it to the police. In accordance with paragraph 2.6 of the SDA, leaving the scene is allowed only if there are no injuries as a result of the accident, the drivers have no disagreements in the assessment of what happened and they have previously drawn up and signed a diagram of the incident. However, in this case, they are obliged to arrive at the nearest post of the road patrol service or to the police for registration of the incident. Compensation by the insurance company for damage caused as a result of an accident will be carried out on the basis of documents drawn up during the execution of the accident.

I bought and registered KamAZ-5511, which requires major repairs. As far as I remember, earlier it was possible to hand over the number to the traffic police and, while the car is not in operation, not to pay the road tax. How are things now?

Current regulatory legal acts do not provide for such an order. In accordance with the legislation, control over the payment of transport tax is now the responsibility of the tax authorities. Moreover, according to Chapter 28 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the fact that a vehicle registered in the State traffic inspectorate is not operated does not serve as a basis for exemption of its owner from payment of transport tax.

I bought a car in the Moscow region and registered it in Petrozavodsk, where I live permanently. The previous owner passed the inspection and the next one was scheduled for July 2006. However, in Petrozavodsk they refused to give me a new ticket until I went through the diagnosis. Friends say that to replace the coupon, not only do not need to undergo inspection, but also present the car. Who is right?

In accordance with the Rules for conducting state technical inspection of vehicles of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, approved by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of March 15, 1999 (registered with the Ministry of Justice of Russia on April 22, 1999, registration No. 1763), a vehicle must be submitted for inspection in any case. At the same time, changes in the registration documents for the vehicle related to the new owner (representative of the owner) or replacement of the state registration plate and issuing in connection with this a new coupon for passing the state technical inspection are made without checking the technical condition of the vehicle.

The traffic police inspector warned that the washer nozzles that I installed, which alternately glow in blue and red, are illegal. Is the inspector right?

Absolutely right. Clause 3.6 of the appendix to the Basic Provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and the obligations of officials to ensure road safety is forbidden to operate a vehicle that has any red light devices installed in front. I also remind you that a vehicle is a source of increased danger and similar artisanal "improvements" can adversely affect road safety.

There was a crack on the windshield of my “forty-one”, with which a checkup had already passed twice successfully. Now another one has appeared and is "spreading". Will there be problems now?

It all depends on where the cracks appeared. GOST R 51709–2001 “Motor vehicles. Safety requirements for the technical condition and inspection methods”, for compliance with which vehicles are checked during state technical inspection, does not allow cracks on the windshields of cars and buses in the wiper cleaning area of ​​half of the glass located on the driver’s side.

It so happened that, living in Murmansk in 1985, I received category “B” rights, and then, after moving to St. Petersburg in 1989 for permanent residence, category “C”. I have two documents in my hands. Do I need to change them? Can I get one certificate entitling me to manage both categories? Where to go

According to the Rules for passing qualification examinations and issuing driver’s licenses, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 15, 1999 No. 1396, the validity of both driver’s licenses has expired and they need to be replaced. To do this, you must contact the examination unit of the traffic police at the registered place of residence. In addition to both driver’s licenses, it is necessary to present a passport, a medical certificate of eligibility for driving vehicles of the corresponding categories and, preferably, documents confirming the issuance of licenses (certified by the seal of the State Automobile Inspectorate, a driver’s card, temporary permit or other document containing information about the issued license). If these conditions are met, you will be given one driver's license without passing the exams with permitting marks in columns "B" and "C".

I own UAZ-39099 "Farmer" (type - cargo and passenger, the number of seats, including the driver, is 7, the mass of the transported cargo is 450 kg, the total load capacity is 1000 kg, the engine power is 84 liters. From.). What are the frequency of inspection and transport tax: like a truck or a car?

The UAZ-39099 is certified as a vehicle of category N1, that is, in accordance with the classification of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee as a mechanical vehicle for the transport of goods, the permissible maximum mass of which does not exceed 3.5 tons. This means that according to Article 358 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the transport tax rate will be calculated as for a truck with an engine power of up to 100 liters. with. In accordance with the Regulation on the state technical inspection of motor vehicles and trailers for them, the traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 31, 1998 No. 880, if no more than 5 years have passed from the year of manufacture of your car (including the year of manufacture), the inspection is carried out every 24 months, if more than 5 years - every 12 months.

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