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Give The Steering Wheel To Mom


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Video: Give The Steering Wheel To Mom
Video: Maa Ke Haath Mein Steering | Girliyapa M.O.M.S 2023, February
Give The Steering Wheel To Mom
Give The Steering Wheel To Mom

In the first circles he showed himself to beech: in the back seat he mercilessly chattered, the lowered headrest pressed between the shoulder blades, and when I turned around, the same “Modus” following it just jumped out of the track onto the grass, unable to stay on the bend … Reseeding the wheel, I, too, first tried to “light up” the winding ring of the Mortefontaine training ground, which is located near Paris. The 1.4-liter engine tried its best 98, but it didn’t work out well: retarders, carefully arranged on the track, were basically useless. The box also did not like the imposed sharp style: lower gears were delayed. ABS, like all systems of the latest generations, works well, the steering wheel also does not cause complaints … But anyway - something is wrong! And, it seems, it's not about the car.


Modus, built on the Class B platform of the Renault Nissan Alliance, ends up in Twingo and Clio. With all his appearance, he says: I am a family car, although small. In this case, I will introduce myself … as a mom and manage a family trip. And immediately everything falls into place - a calm, flowing style is much more to the liking of both Modus and its passengers. You are not going to portray the racer, if in the back seat - children? Our style is a calm movement in space.

Calm, but not boring, and even in this "Modus" is a great specialist! A huge glazing area of ​​3.56 m2 allows you to examine the entire hemisphere - forward, backward, sideways, upwards … we finished the exercise. By the way, we continue the warm-up if you wish - the ceiling height allows.

A maximum of two adults will fit in the back seat, for small-caliber passengers it transforms: the three of them are close, but fun, but for someone it is important!

“Modus” does not have a small trunk at all, but family values ​​can sometimes be large. We have these bicycles - Modus is ready to take a couple on board. True, on the rear and only on the outside, for which purpose the Velofix special mounts are provided in the bumper.

For mom, safety is especially important. I know that EuroNCAP rated Modus highly after the crash test. And so that it does not happen in real life, the machine is equipped with a number of devices. For example, thanks to the additional sections in the headlights, the Modus mow its eyes at 40 ° at the same or greater steering angle and speeds of less than 60 km / h.

Children, come out, we have arrived! Lunch will be through … so-so, it's time to leave the image!


In recent years, classes B and C have switched places in the European automotive market - now about 35% for the first, 30% for the golf class. In segment B, Renault, with its Twingo and Clio, ranks second between Peugeot and FIAT, with Clio earning the most revenue. Not surprisingly, it was decided to consolidate the success with a new car - following the current trend, compact but spacious (read - high).

Cars are already found on French roads and perfectly confirm their family destination. During the “round” table at the Paris Motor Show, Luc-Alexander Menard, director of international operations at Renault, when asked about the price, mentioned that “a week ago he bought Modus for his wife, giving 13.5 thousand euros.” I suppose that in Russia a car will cost from $ 17, 000.

Darling, when I become a director, we will buy you Modus too!


This is the name of the strategic concept of Renault, which provides for the most thorough study of the design in order to provide the highest human protection. At the design stage, Modus passed several dozen crash tests, both virtual and real, and, barely entering the market, came under the European program for testing new EuroNCAP cars.

The car withstood the cruel blow that overlaps the officially set standards with honor, becoming the first owner of five stars in the class of cars "Supermini" (here, for example, "Clio", "Peugeot 206", "Mini", etc.). Out of 37 possible points, Modus earned 32.84: the crew was protected by six pillows, including two frontal adaptive, two side and two “curtains” to protect the head; belt tensioners and, of course, the power structure of the body.

Modus became the seventh Renault model to receive five EuroNCAP stars, thereby confirming the firm’s leadership in security.



Modus has a peer that partially uses the components and assemblies of the same platform B of the Renault Nissan Alliance. It is about the "Logan" - a very important car for the Russians. Let me remind you that this model, which is incredibly cheap by modern standards, was developed specifically for the countries of the “Third World” (ЗР, 2004, No. 7). Following Romania, where the production of Dacia Logan has already begun, the turn of Russia comes: Avtoframos promises to begin production of cars under the Renault Logan brand in mid-2005.

The premiere of Logan took place in June … and almost immediately the company became convinced that not only developing countries could be attracted at a low price. A stream of letters from Western Europe gushed to Renault: “Why on earth do you not offer this car to us?” And there was a sensation on September 20: the company announced that it had decided to sell the car in Europe as well - next year from € 7, 500.

It has not yet been determined exactly where the "extra" cars will be assembled. It would be logical to increase production at the Romanian plant. In the first four days of receiving orders, he scored 2250 local applications, not counting 11 thousand preliminary ones.

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