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Nicholas Mordovtsev. PHOTO: ALEXANDER KULNEV

Surely, to this day, the Terberg family forge in the Dutch town of Benshop would forge horses and repair a mechanical rake if, after World War II, it would not take up the conversion of military trucks to dump trucks. And having become skilled, already in the mid-60s, she took up the construction of heavy all-wheel drive dump trucks of her own design. Machines with a carrying capacity of up to 20 tons on the units of bonnet "Mercedes" were to the liking of the Dutch builders of dams.

However, in the early 70s, the Terbergs preferred the Volvo units and do not change them to this day. Today, Terberg is a well-known manufacturer of all-wheel drive and mining trucks, port and terminal tractors, as well as low loader special chassis for public utilities. Last year, a representative office of the Dutch company was opened in Moscow, and the first buyers have already acquired port tractors and dump trucks. About them and the story.


Today, Terberg dump trucks are made using units and Volvo cabs of the FM series, as indicated by the letters in the model designation, although earlier cabs from FL were installed. There is no blind copying of Swedish models: for example, a 9-liter D9 diesel engine with a capacity of 260-380 liters. with. prefer-

melt D12D, well known to us by the "Volvo-FH12". Recall, this is a 12.1-liter inline “six”, traditional for large Volvos, with a turbocharger and intercooler, with four valves per cylinder, integral pistons and electronically controlled pump nozzles. Injection pressure, reaching 2000 kgf / cm2, creates significant loads on the camshaft, so it is installed in the cylinder head, and brought through the “guitar” of the gears located in front. From it, the GUR pump, the compressor and the hydraulic pump of the tipper installation receive rotation. By tuning the “brains” of the engine (more precisely, the cyclic feed and boost pressure), two power levels are most often set - 380 and 420 liters. with.

The operating conditions of the dump truck are much harder than that of the main truck, which means they require more frequent maintenance, oil and filter changes, but there is no need to complain about the resource - up to one and a half million kilometers.

“With all the wealth of choice”, the clutch is also a Volvo, only more durable, double-disc, with pneumatic drive. But the “Volvo” gearboxes are not used - they install the ZF 16S181, a fully synchronized 16-speed. Electronic-controlled and automatic American boxes "Allison" put on order.

Terberg now does not produce two-axle 4x4 dump trucks, and 8x4 and 6x4 do without a “handout”. The conditions of their work are easier, the first three gears of the box and one cardan at the exit are enough - the reducer of the middle passage bridge. More serious formulas are built with the Austrian "distributions" "Steyr". A respected unit in Europe, even the same at the Dakar KamAZ.

To increase cross-country ability, the box and the “razdatka” were raised to the level of the upper shelves of the frame side members. Therefore, the engine compared to the FH12 is located almost half a meter higher. Three hundred millimeters had to be raised and the cabin.

The drive axles with differential locks and with hub planetary gearboxes are American, Rockwell firms (now Meritor, since 1999 a joint venture with ZF). Four-wheel drive models are optionally equipped with wheels of different diameters. Forward, on two axles - wide and strong 425 / 65R22.5 (similar to those placed on semi-trailers), and on the rear trolley - very high and therefore seemingly narrow twin 12.00R24. The outer diameter is so different that they change the gear ratios of the main gears: in the front - 4.79, in the rear - 5.04. Tires of different sizes are a compromise between the cross-country ability attached to the single-slope tire and the gable capacity. The tread pattern is not "toothy"; by our standards, it is more universal than an all-terrain "Christmas tree".


Dump trucks turn out oooh very long. The 10x8 pentaaxis FM 3000-T only has a body of about eight meters, and another two meters a cabin with a bumper. A total of ten meters, but also lucky, like a dump truck. Gross weight - 60 tons, carrying capacity - 40, body volume - up to 26 mz.

It is allowed to operate such a machine without a “long” category, and in order to facilitate maneuvering as much as possible, even the four-axle axle is equipped with three steered axles - two in the front and rear. Three pendulums, four longitudinal rods, almost the entire length of the frame. And while not eating rubber! Of course, turning the steering wheel without an amplifier is impossible here. The front wheels are turned by the steering gear ZF with integral power steering. A second cylinder hydraulic cylinder mounted parallel to the longitudinal thrust and one or a pair of rear hydraulic cylinders mounted parallel to the transverse operate from its spool. There are two pumps: one, as usual, is driven by the engine, the other - from the transfer case, so that in movement, even if the engine stalls, the machine can still be controlled.

Former blacksmiths do not need to be taught how to work with metal - they make the frames themselves. Bending from high-strength steel with a thickness of 9.5 mm, channels with a height of 263 or 300 mm are future spars. Traverses, brackets, amplifiers are bolted and cold riveted. It’s stronger. In the suspension - air balloons, but on the front axles they often work together with parabolic small-leaf springs, but the suspension bridge is only pneumatic. Jet rods on huge silent blocks.

An empty car with air bags moves quietly without clanging springs, and the road does not break too unnecessarily stiff suspension. On each bridge, a pair of shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar - less tire wear, better handling.

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