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And there’s nothing to guess, the designers deliberately deprived the motorcycle of the side fairings in order to expose the beauty of power, left fragments of plastic only on the “face” and under the engine. What is naked is not a shame to show the people. Packed in a lightweight diagonal frame, the V-shaped motor (from the RSV1000, by the way) is covered by “rich” magnesium alloy covers. A tank with coolant and an oil tank (lubrication system with a dry sump) are brazenly protruded under the gas tank, and a transparent tube is shown outside, in which the oil level is visible. Usually these "intimate places" cover up. And why cover it, if it's beautiful! The designers who worked with Tuono are clearly not bigots.

Exhaust fumes, passing through the Aprilia Racing exhaust system, are transformed into a growl. Fighting inclinations are in the genetics of the apparatus, and therefore to climb the rear wheel, and after a hundred meters to make a “stand” in the front is a favorite pastime of Tuonovods, at least those I know. Tuono has one more character: a craving for stunts, a tendency to sportbiker manners, and also the makings of an SUV. A lot is mixed in it, but everything “works”. Depending on the suspension settings, the bike can be soft and pliable or a “compressed spring” - to choose from. A wide range of adjustments allows the driver to avoid exhausting shaking on a second-class highway, to feel comfortable with the passenger, to change the informational content of the chassis, making the motorcycle's reactions racing. For example, to drive in the city I had to change the suspension settings to “flexible”, taking into account my own weight and torn rhythm of movement - and at the end of the day I felt excellent. The next day, when, according to the test plan, it reached the maximum speed and “prescribing” high-speed turns, the suspension “clamped” - and was able to feel what it was like to be a “street” with an engine and chassis inherited from the RSV Mille sportbike.


“Genetic” roots clearly appeared when performing tricks of varying complexity. The front fork dampens vibrations by 100 percent. The “front wheel feel” on acceleration and braking is very good. The asymmetric rear pendulum “pulls” its work just as accurately. Due to its small mass, the “Thunder” (as Tuono is translated from Italian) “holds” the trajectory and remains absolutely controlled by the pilot, even when the rear wheel is demolished. The Dunlop D207RR low-profile tires (dimensions 120 / 70–17 in front and 190 / 50–17 in back) match the pendulum and “partners” in hitching. They literally stick to the asphalt, even in corners, when the steps already strike the track. What tires are overgrown with suction cups?

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