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The Awl Was Not In The Bag


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Video: The Awl Was Not In The Bag

Video: The Awl Was Not In The Bag
Video: The Bag Snaggers 2023, December
The Awl Was Not In The Bag
The Awl Was Not In The Bag

The best car is a new car.

Henry Ford

A typical situation in the “smoking room” is that gentlemen are animatedly discussing where they can buy the necessary spare part … well, say, for VAZ’s “top ten”. The choice is huge, but which manufacturer to prefer? Or do you need to choose not a manufacturer, but a store? However, you never know what the seller will say there, and "there are no respect for the mandates." In short - where to go?

The branded “Zarulevskaya” heading “Expertise” has been voicing this for many years: now, they say, we bought everything that was on the counter and checked - if you please, familiarize yourself with the results. It is curious that the so-called "factory" parts in this case, as a rule, do not shine - and this is quite understandable. An inscription on a package like “Official VAZ Supplier” still doesn’t mean anything, and the seller’s assurances about the “conveyor” origin of his goods usually refer to nameless details lying in a pile under the counter. Then what are the parts of the car? Check it out?

Begging for something at the car factory is an understandable but naive desire: you’ll drown in the approvals and you’ll end up with what’s unknown. Where is the confidence that you were given exactly the part whose sister is crawling along the conveyor belt? It is no secret that many manufacturers like to supply journalists with, say, “triple purification” products - let them, they say, experience as much as they want … Therefore, we decided to go the other way.

Where is the source of known factory parts? That's right - on brand new cars! If you "strip" a fresh "top ten" in some car dealership, and even an official AvtoVAZ dealer, then the game will be fair. And in return for the parts we shot, we’ll give away supernovae - the very “coolest” ones we can buy. The car will go through a kind of "tuning", and we will finally check what it is made of … well, let it be a "dozen", since we started talking about it. More precisely - VAZ 2110 2 samples of 2004, VIN XTA 21102040730185.

The exchange took place - to the great pleasure of both parties. The "top ten" may now be sold at a higher price (after all, selective assembly!), And experts from NAMI and NIIEAE, at our request, began to study the extracted "good". We announce the whole list: air filter, bulbs, brake discs, drums, front and rear pads, front brake cylinders with hoses, ball pins, tie rod ends and front wheel drives (in common terms - CV joints).

Experts, your way out! So, what is the “ten” made of?


Manufactured by CJSC Motor Super in Tolyatti. The filter material is Italian Ahlstrom filter paper.

According to experts, the filter meets the requirements of RD, even the duration of the work fit exactly in the regulated minutes. Without a reserve, but kept within the same …


“The lamps are of high quality, it was immediately visible,” snapped the tester.

The experts, of course, know best - they have a special scent. Incandescent lamps of category H1 are made by the German company Philips - the test went at a voltage of 13.2 V.

The “Germans” were on top: in all respects they comply with the requirements of UNECE Regulation No. 37.


They both looked foul - as from a garbage dump. The discs were covered with rust, and shells lurked on the inner (fortunately not on the working) surface of one of the brake drums. Yes, and traces of balancing could not be found. In general, the failure was quite predictable, but …

But no - respected experts are still adamant: the disks and drums of the VAZ 2110 2 fully comply with AvtoVAZ technical documentation. And appearance is the second thing …

By the way, even before the tests, the professionals suggested that it was just the poor-quality details that were balancing, and the sink - so, nonsense …


Spherical fingers were produced by the Belebeyev Avtokomplekt plant, and the steering rods were anonymous, without a trademark. Wazowski? Maybe. The results of the verification are below.

When testing the ball pin of the front suspension, a mismatch of the moments of resistance during rotation and swing was revealed. Experts explained: the norm is set for completely new products, but ours nevertheless went through some extra work by car.

At the tie rod ends there was also a slight discrepancy with the requirements of KD and OST 37.001.613–2002 in the angle of the finger sway in the longitudinal direction, the rest of the parameters are normal. True, the force of extruding a finger from the body fit into the norm without much reserve … But in fact, both of them can be called quality details. It’s a pity that it’s already impossible to make them work after the tests …


Drives, which almost all persistently call SHRUS, showed the following results.

The products successfully passed strength tests, in addition, the quantity and quality of lubricant in the internal cavities of the hinges also comply with the technical documentation of AvtoVAZ OJSC. In the laboratory, they noticed that VAZ SHRUSs (those from the factory, not from the store!), As a rule, withstand the strength tests.


The examination procedure is as follows: one cylinder with a hose assembly is tested for cyclic endurance, and the second set for static strength.

The cylinders and hoses subjected to cyclic endurance tests remained airtight after 250, 000 loading cycles. Static tests were also successful (pressure increase up to 350 kgf / cm2): no mechanical damage to the cylinders, tearing of the hose tips and leakage of brake fluid was observed. Summary: brake cylinders and hoses meet the requirements of GOST 23181 and AvtoVAZ.


Pads manufacturer - TIIR installed on the coding marking.

Tests have shown: the wear resistance of the friction material in both sets of disk and drum pads almost fit the standard. But the coefficient of friction and the strength of the adhesive joint at height. The quality of the pads is also confirmed by the absence of traces of significant wear on the surface of the brake discs and drums.

To summarize

Incredibly, almost all the details of the VAZ 2110 2 car that we selected for testing meet the standards and promise to last a long time. Can I be proud? The pessimist shrugs: just lucky … The optimist will exclaim: glory to VAZ!

But the fact remains: the components and assemblies from the factory conveyor turned out to be of high quality. Although who does not know that the same ball on a brand new car for some reason serve much longer than parts from the store. On the other hand, many of us have a bad experience buying a Russian car, which required warranty repairs the very next day. It's like roulette: lucky - no luck. We were lucky! The result of the examination is encouraging: I want to run to a car dealership, buy the same flawless “top ten”. At least until the planned replacement of parts, problems with it will not be certain. And what's next, after all, someday they will still have to be replaced?

And what about foreign cars? For example, the owner of a German car is forced to replace one or another part - it happens! He has a choice: to buy an original spare part, presumably from the assembly line, or, having saved it, similar to it, made in another country - China, Taiwan, etc. Without stinting, that is, stopping his choice on the first option, a person can be on one hundred percent sure that he will not get a marriage for his money. So why is this possible in the case of Russian cars? The question is rhetorical …



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