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Magic Number
Magic Number

Turning over the press materials and catalogs after the presentation of the new Audi A4, I noticed: a lot is connected with the number in the designation of this model. Remember the year when the first generation A4 debuted, the 1994th. The year of the current premiere is again with a four at the end. And they updated the model after the "eight", "three rubles" and "six" - which means the fourth in a row. Curious, isn't it?

I guess I was in vain attached to this figure. You can start differently. For example, in the autumn rain met the capital of Bavaria - Munich, the fourth largest city in Germany … Again, this figure - still there is something in it.


Compared with its predecessor, the body of the new A4 slightly increased in length. The sedan extended 38 mm, and the station wagon, which Audi traditionally calls the Avant, 41 mm. Interestingly, the dimensions of the two body styles are the same.


The design is made in a modern corporate style, the founder of which was the concept of “Nuvolari”, shown to the public a couple of years ago. Like the already updated A8, A6 and “A3 Sportback”, the “four” received an elongated trapezoidal radiator grille, new headlights expanding towards the center of the front end, a more massive hood.

In general, the Audi A4 was made sportier, perhaps even more aggressive. The body looks tightly knocked down, but not at all heavy.


There are not many changes inside. A new three-spoke steering wheel with a hub striking a shape resembling a radiator grille is striking. The seats deserve praise - the pillows are long, the backs with developed lateral support, the adjustments are comfortable. Moving back and forth, the chair can be fixed every three millimeters, almost as smoothly as the back. The fact that the seats were successful was confirmed by practice: for eight hours at the wheel they didn’t come down with back pain and stiff limbs. And sports seats, on powerful versions, are additionally equipped with adjustable support for the lower back and hips.


I admit, I prefer diesel engines to gas engines. Therefore, I first chose a sedan, on the trunk lid of which flaunted a 2.0 TDI nameplate. However, such a choice for Europe is far from original. No wonder the number of diesel versions in the model lines of many companies already exceeds half. Alas, compression ignition engines in Russia are starting to spread only now.

The four-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged engine with pump nozzles develops almost the same maximum torque as the new gasoline “six” with direct injection and a volume of 3.2 liters, moreover, at lower speeds. Of course, the “rattling” car loses in dynamics, but the fuel gauge confirms the main advantages of a diesel engine - the arrow did not flinch to the Austrian border (about 150 km), but the gasoline engine managed to stretch out more than a quarter of the tank.

To say that the diesel is stunted - the language does not turn. The car exchanges the first hundred in less than 10 seconds, and on the autobahn they could have crossed the mark of 200 km / h - it was only the speed limit that prevented them from narrowing the road.

Of course, compared to gasoline, the diesel engine sings louder, especially at high speeds. But you practically don’t feel the characteristic vibrations - first of all, thanks to two balancing shafts that reduce second-order inertia by 80%.

Good diesel, do not want to part. And what will a gasoline engine of the same volume with a turbocharger and direct injection FSI show? He made a positive impression on his colleague, a skeptic by nature (for more details - ЗР, 2004, No. 10). And at a technical briefing, words were heard about the perfect design, impressive external speed characteristics, excellent indicators of maximum power and torque. What are the words?

I still love diesel, but I have to admit: with a 2.0 T FSI engine, I would have cheated on him. He possesses diesel traction and the dynamics of a frisky gasoline engine, confidently pulls from almost 1000 rpm and does not sour almost to the limiter.

Even then, having transferred to a more powerful version with the Six, he did not notice its serious superiority. Although the design of the V6 FSI is also respectable: direct injection with a working pressure of 30 to 110 bar, the compression ratio is very high for gasoline engines - 12.5. It was made as compact as possible so that it fits under the hoods of small Audi cars - only 360 mm long, 430 mm wide, and 169.5 kg weight.

In total, ten (!) Engines up to V8 for the S4 version are offered for the new Quartet.

Of course, all units fit into the promising standards of Euro IV. In addition, from next year, diesel particulate filters will be installed on two- and three-liter diesel engines on request. Particulate matter settles inside the body and at a temperature of 350–500 ° C breaks down, turning into carbon dioxide.


That's exactly what they offer for versions with different engines. Moreover, a five-speed mechanical is installed only with weak motors. Owners of more powerful modifications who prefer to flip gears manually will receive a “six-mortar”.

For a three-liter diesel engine and FSI engines, the Tiptronic automatic six-speed gearbox is available. The novelty is lighter than the five-step predecessor by 14 kg. At the same time, the gear ratio range increased by 18%, which allowed the car to accelerate faster in lower gears, and at higher speeds it became quieter and more economical.

Another alternative is the stepless box "Multi-tronic" (Multi-tronic). Put the selector in manual mode, and seven virtual, electronically fixed transmissions appear on the monitor. On some modifications, you can jump on the stairs, fingering the buttons on the steering wheel. Are you tired? Then move the lever to the “drive” position.

Of course, Audi, as the founder of road four-wheel drive, offers a new A4 in the Quattro variant. Guess how many there are in the gamut? That's right, four - with the most powerful diesel engine, two FSI engines and 1.8 T. petrol.

Getting acquainted with the new Audi, you are always waiting for interesting technical highlights. Probably, for this, many buyers remain faithful to cars crowned with four rings. Surely, Audi A4 will not lose market position until it is replaced by A4 … the fourth generation.


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