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Case Of The Disappeared House


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Video: Case Of The Disappeared House

Video: Case Of The Disappeared House
Video: House of the Disappeared (2017) 2023, December
Case Of The Disappeared House
Case Of The Disappeared House

When they passed the law “On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners”, they talked so much about its “social orientation”! Finally, the unfortunate owner of the "penny", faced with the "six hundred, " may not be afraid that he will be thrown out of the apartment. But so far the vast majority of owners have not known the "charms" of the new law. The thing is how insurance companies themselves perform it. I had to devote another investigation to this problem …



It was late afternoon when Vardan N. drove up to his yard. The last turn, and suddenly - a squeal of brakes, a blow, the grinding of iron … The driver of the brand new Nissan decided to go around the traffic jam along the sidewalk and did not expect to meet Vardan's “nine” turning into the yard on its way. Result - the wing of the VAZ 2109 is broken, the “Nissan” has the entire front part. The inspectors arrived and drew up a report accusing the Almera driver of violating paragraph 10.1 of the Rules: he was driving along the sidewalk! As expected, Vardan turned to the insurance company of the culprit of the accident Alexey K. “Standard-Reserve”.

And then it began! As it turned out at the first meeting in Standard Reserve, Alexey himself works in another well-known company - ROSNO. To a logical question, why didn’t he insure in his company, he briefly answered: “It is necessary” and went to talk with the employees of Standard Reserve. The result was an unexpected statement: the company has so far refrained from paying insurance compensation. Firstly, because “they haven’t received any statement about the occurrence of the insured event”. Despite the fact that this is not a reason for refusing to pay, insurers refused to accept documents from Vardan. Secondly, it turns out that the culprit appealed the decision of the traffic police and therefore "it is still not clear who is to blame for the accident and who is not." Vardan was invited to wait for an answer from the traffic police. How did the employees of Standard Reserve become aware of the appeal of the decision of the traffic police, if no statement was received from them, it remains only to guess. Although it must be recognized that the current Insurance Rules provide for the right of the company to postpone consideration of the issue of payment until the final determination of the culprit.

While the complaint was being considered, Vardan carried out a calculation, to which he called representatives of the Standard Reserve Reserve. None of the company employees bothered to attend the inspection. The damage caused, according to experts, amounted to a little more than 25 thousand rubles. After some time, a response came from the traffic police that Alexey K.'s complaint was dismissed, and Vardan again turned to Standard Reserve. The staff finally decided to accept the documents, but stated that they needed time to determine the amount of damage. After some time, Vardan received the conclusion of insurers, which I quote literally:

“Dear Vardan R.!

Please be advised that your application No. … to Insurance CJSC Standard-Reserve for damages to property has been considered. It was decided to recognize the case as insurance and pay you insurance indemnity in the amount of 13 344 rubles. 95 kopecks.”

Like this! The insurance company unilaterally reduced the amount of harm by almost half! As an argument for their actions, insurers provided the conclusion of a certain LLC “Expertise-appraisal-service”, which, according to insurers, “has extensive experience”, as well as a license to carry out appraisal activities (a copy was even attached). Vardan decided to personally visit the experts in order to understand how their working method differs from the one used to make the assessment for the first time. If you believe the license, this LLC was registered in Moscow, in Spasoglinischevsky Lane. But there is simply no such lane in the city! There is Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky Lane in Kitay-Gorod, but there is no house specified in the license, and, of course, no one in the district knows about the existence of such a company.


When Vardan came to the editor, his story, frankly, did not surprise anyone. Alas! These are the realities of today - many insurance companies do the same in such situations. The calculation is simple: given the inertia of the judicial system, nine out of ten people will not sue because of insurance compensation - confirmed by statistics. According to the law on compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, an insurance company must indemnify for a person guilty of causing harm. The traffic police do not establish guilt today - this is the exclusive prerogative of the court. Based on this, the insurance company has the right to invite the victim to submit a court decision on the guilt of the second participant in the accident and only then calculate the amount payable. How much can it drag? Alas, no other way to solve this problem has yet been found …

Naturally, I advised you to go to court. Moreover, the young man was determined to fight to the end. Before going to the editorial office, he had already sent a statement to the department for combating economic crimes of the Moscow police department regarding the non-existent appraiser. District detectives quickly found out: it turns out that there is such a company, but its appraisers are sitting … in the same building with the insurance company!



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