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Blueing Is Canceled, Waiting For News

Video: Blueing Is Canceled, Waiting For News
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Blueing Is Canceled, Waiting For News
Blueing Is Canceled, Waiting For News

The universal "blue", the most real epidemic in the capital, began about two years ago. Luminous washer nozzles, license plate bolts and other decorations spread at a cockroach speed. The pioneers proudly demonstrated the cross-cross novelty, sincerely believing that the car (usually the front-wheel drive VAZ) acquired simply unearthly beauty. But, when the “bruises” appeared on thousands of cars of various brands and models - from the battered Tavrii to the varnished BMW 7-Series with a tricolor (you had to see that too), the pioneers sounded the alarm: tuning is losing its originality, it's time to come up with something new. This is where the real insanity began - a game with flowers. It is not known how the new trends of Moscow automobiles reached Asia - the birthplace of the “bruises”, but nimble manufacturers instantly threw illumination of various colors onto the market: green, red, yellow and even iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow. Now everyone howled …

In general, the topic of “bruises” and “fireflies” is quite interesting. In the sense of the manifestation of domestic car culture - wild, like Przhevalsky's horse. She is especially in demand by wits. Psychology, Sigmund Freud, sexual minorities are mentioned. There was even a differentiation of mods, depending on where exactly the “bruises” are installed on the machine - front or rear. So the driver’s life position is calculated …

And if you dig a little deeper? And wider? People in eastern countries will remember that in the cars of Arabian drivers there is simply a dominance of trinkets, especially in taxis or delivery vans. In Africa, the quantity and quality of talismans can not only amuse, but also horrify. And the local population has long been accustomed to their totems and does not see anything unusual in them, much less shameful. In fact, a machine differs from a camel only in that it is iron and drinks gasoline. And camels were generously decorated at all times - and grandfathers, and great-grandfathers, and great-grandfathers of grandfathers.

In Russia, the “bruises” replaced the shaggy rudders, Plexiglass roses and fringe along the upper edge of the windshield. In especially advanced cases, they complement the entire set listed. Very often combined with the iconostasis on the dashboard. And they mean only one thing: the driver really does not like his car and badly wants to transfer to another - more prestigious and beautiful. But little money. More precisely, they are enough exactly for "fireflies", Turkish rims and ringing "direct exhaust pipes". Let it be no use, but friends from the market who sell tomatoes will appreciate it!

You can even accurately calculate the time of appearance of the “bruises” - it miraculously coincides with the Russian premiere of “Fast and the Furious”. The cars of the protagonists were decorated with lights of all types and stripes - and a certain part of the audience reached the markets for non-standard. Note that this is typical not only for Russia. After the rapid success of films, imitation of the main characters always begins. Marilyn Monroe became famous - languid blondes came into fashion, a Western came out with Eastwood - they began to talk and walk like a cowboy of all time. On TV they showed "Seventeen Moments" - an hour later the children play Shtritlitsa.

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