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Doomed To Loneliness

Video: Doomed To Loneliness
Video: Doomed To Loneliness 2023, February
Doomed To Loneliness
Doomed To Loneliness

Life that once wraps up the plots is much more entertaining than in the movies. At least this story.

The rivals of the “dozen” are few. It is unlikely that anyone will soon build a more expressive and powerful domestic version. The volume of improvements in the car is extremely large, so we will limit ourselves only to an excursion into what is revealed to the gaze and feelings of a curious person who received the keys to the “ten” for several hours.

Landscape design

The keys in this case are figurative. There is nowhere to insert them. There are no locks on the doors, there are no handles on the rear. And a tuning car is started according to the sports scheme: the mass switch - the ignition switch - the starter button. Much has been done sportily. Before starting the engine, get comfortable in the cabin. The driver's seat - a civilian “half-bucket”, trimmed with dense blue and black matter, shifted to the right and closer to the pedals. The passenger seat is also shifted - to the right … It is likely that the passenger does not interfere with the driver. The gear knob is so high that the round knob crowning it sticks out very close to the thick Sparco steering wheel rim. The hydraulic handbrake handle is shifted a few degrees to the right so as not to touch the gear lever.

Fuel and brake pipes pass in the cabin. This is a rally concept: what if you follow the bottom on the stones? There is a force regulator on the brake lines - “dozens” with rear disc brakes are often inclined to over-brake with the rear axle, so you have to adjust it.

Sparco pedals and an aluminum sheet at the feet of the passenger are not exotic at all - so, the entourage on duty. Additional instruments in the podium on the left rack, showing the temperature and pressure of the oil, are also familiar, like the Japanese tachometer, installed so that the rest of the instruments are simply not visible. The system control unit looks unusual: a number of metal> 42> 40 toggle switches without a single signature near the round dial of the voltmeter. The switches are in charge of the forced switching on of the fan, dipped beam, stove, heated rear window, emergency light and rear fog lamps. One of the toggle switches, higher, turns off the generator, the second includes dimensions. And where is the regulator of the stove? Yes, here he is! The cable under the dashboard, to the left of the center console, changes the intensity of the air flow.

Yes, powerful styling. But not a sports car. That's right: orthodox tuning is not the construction of a sports car, but a modification of a civilian one.

Hot asphalt

Driving really want to play a racer. “Experienced test pilots” plunge into the car, fasten themselves with unimportant and low-precision, but expensive belts to non-anatomical and non-homologated, but comfortable seats. Start!

Turnovers take off from the mark of 1500. The clutch is tight in a manly way - cermet, which means a hard, damper-free “cross”, without any “extenuating circumstances” in the overlays. Gears - with extremely small moves. As soon as the right hand slides off the steering wheel, the handle of the gear lever is immediately there.

The dynamic gearbox and powerful motor simply catapult the 200 kg lightweight car. It is best to certify the motor by briefly listing its characteristics. The volume is nearly 1900 "cubes", the piston diameter is 84.8 mm, the crankshaft stroke is 84 mm. In the head valves of increased diameter, camshafts "supertourism", valve springs of increased stiffness, split gears. Power system - 4-throttle injection, borrowed from a combat rally car. Filters - K&N. The diameter of the chokes is 54 mm (standard throttle is 47 mm). Nozzles from VW Golf VR6 with an engine displacement of 2, 8 l, "brains" with the sports program. The exhaust system is a “spider” Simons 4-2-1 with a pipe diameter of 2.5 inches (63 mm).

The owner claims that the engine power is 192 hp. at 7500 rpm, and the moment - 208 N * m at 5500 rpm. Box 6-speed, 18th row, the main pair of 4.3. There is also a limited-slip differential.

… We have never seen a louder car. Already at 3000 rpm, the music in the cabin is drowned out by roar and howl. Direct exhaust pipe is rigidly fixed to the body, and all noise insulation is thrown out in the name of weight. Even the tank is light, plastic and small. He lies in the trunk, next to the remote fuel pumps.

Suspension moderately stiff, AL support. Ventilated brake discs with a diameter of 284 mm in front and 246 mm in the rear demonstrate frankly imported braking. Having found several sections of the wet track, we checked the quality of braking and were completely delighted. Forgive us the owner of the “tens” for the thick black stripes that drew the asphalt.

After the ball

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