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Closer To Life
Closer To Life

Prior to this, Moscow authorities themselves lowered prices in accordance with a decree of December 1997. According to this document, one hour of parking, ranging from the Garden Ring to the Moscow Ring Road, cost 9 rubles, 10 rubles needed to be paid between Boulevard and Sadovy, and leaving your car for an hour within the Boulevard Ring would cost another ruble more. Wow! When was this? And was it?.. In any case, parking lots have not been cheaper than 30 rubles for a couple of years, and recently people in green overalls have been taking in some places as much as a hundred.

So they decided to legalize the situation in the capital’s leadership and give the opportunity for parking people to set prices themselves. But the tariff will have to be calculated according to a special method and agreed with two departments - the Department of Transport and Communications and the Department of Economic Policy and Development.

It is curious that the cost of parking will depend not on its location, but on profitability. That is, the cost of one parking space per hour is equal to income divided by the product of the number of parking spaces, the number of parking hours per day, the number of jobs per month and the payroll ratio. So that's tricky. Remember the math.

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