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It’s Hard For Them With Us


Video: It’s Hard For Them With Us

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It’s Hard For Them With Us
It’s Hard For Them With Us

According to rough estimates of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers, up to one and a half million insured events will occur annually in our country. The load is enormous. Not far from the emergency. Keeping track of everything is unrealistic - and this is just in the hands of scammers.

In fact, the situation for insurers is not very calm. To blame, as always, the unworked regulatory framework. Throughout the civilized world, insurance security companies investigate insurance fraud and identify criminals. In our country, they are tied hand and foot because of the lack of authority to conduct operational investigative activities. The police? Hmm, she’s not even able to engage in prevention; there’s no question of solving crimes. Not those times today. Yes, and in general - at least some mechanism of interaction between insurers and territorial police bodies is completely absent.

The insurers themselves are also good: all information about insurance cases is scattered and is a secret behind the seven seals of each office. Competition!

And what to do? Information is the main weapon, insurers decided, finally understanding that at the initial stage of the fight against fraudsters, a system of information interaction is required. However, the Spectrum system, which includes data on all concluded contracts and insurance events, is still in test mode. But not far off and a full commissioning.

The second weapon is law enforcement. We must be friends with them. And this is correct: having established contacts (cars were presented to traffic cops there, equipment was bought elsewhere), you can get comprehensive support. Only here, the emwedes themselves sometimes would not mind to bungle a certificate of accident for a fee. Oh, maybe the insurers will also defeat corruption …

And it’s crucial to deal with the “Cossacks” in their own ranks. And that is, insurance figures who draw up “rental” policies or retroactively after an accident.

In short, there are problems. Our cunning scammers draw on experience from Western colleagues. There, the size of the losses of insurers in the billions. There is something to strive for, however.

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