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Before The Fight

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Before The Fight
Before The Fight

If Golf - Mohamed Ali tuning, then Celica is no less than George Foreman. The “pumped-up” versions of Toyota Celica are found even on the shores of the Zambezi, and in Japan a dozen racing championships are held annually among Celica.

But … Celica of the last generation disappointed the fans. The army of Japanese street car fans has decreased by half and continues to melt. On Russian soil, a large number of charged Celica of the latest generation has not yet been noticed. And therefore, a black car of the year 2000 with obvious inclinations of the future tuning car is perceived as exotic. Let us take a closer look at the improvements.

They are not too global. We can say the minimum package of budget tuning. Tuning is present, but in such a way that it does not interfere with future improvements that are planned on a large scale.

So … In the cabin - multi-colored tuning pedals, nameless and too bright. An expensive Clarion radio, an amplifier, a pair of full-time speakers, two Oris coaxial and an Eclipse subwoofer. Under the hood is a blue pipe with the inscription “AEM”. This is the Cold Air induction intake system - the same filter, but more modern and certainly more fashionable. More in the engine compartment there is nothing extraneous - no spacers, no silicone wires, no neon lights. These spools are in the near future, but for now money is being accumulated and the exterior is gradually being refined.

OZ rims with a diameter of 17 inches with Continental rubber dimension 215/45 are by far the most expensive freelance element. To paint the rear drums and front brake calipers in sporty bright red is a matter of honor. The car owner did not fail to do this immediately after installing chrome wheels. Aggressive wing at first glance bought at a showdown. Indeed, the varnish is frayed, the paint has peeled off. But to sin on the quality of tuning products is not worth it. Just this item was bought a few years ago (and presented to the owner of a Japanese car as a friend), its warranty period has long expired.

The front bumper is decorated with plastic wings, and the slot in the lower part is taken away by the tuning grid - cheap and beautiful.

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