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Horizontal Lines

Video: Horizontal Lines
Video: Lines Horizontal 2023, February
Horizontal Lines
Horizontal Lines

The first thing many tuning lovers start with optics is to replace the yellow turn signals with white. On this "compact" those already stood. But: brighter than the main headlight unit, the white turn signal hurts the eye as much as the yellow one. Therefore, he was “leveled” by putting transparent black turn signals - not painted over, but darkened “in bulk” in Germany. They also removed the "cilia" from the headlights so as not to narrow the optics.

Now kit. Note that the car is already understated due to sports suspension and HD springs. It would be nice to visually lengthen a short car due to a cut back. Therefore, we will boldly abandon the wing on the trunk. Here horizontal extension of the roof is another matter. The shape of the spoiler over the rear window is far from ideal (it sticks out with a bubble), but there is simply no other. So, take it - Kerscher. By the way, if the roof is folded, the wing seems to follow the contours of the folds of the soft top.

Native bumpers are better not to change, they are stronger and better than most tuning. But the smooth beveled “chin” of the bumper can be decorated with a sports overlay. Kerscher is at its best here - the machine is ideally suited for a straight, straight “razor” lining. True, with it, when ascending and descending the serpentine of a three-story garage, you strike almost everywhere. What can you do - sacrifices to beauty. It’s necessary to drive more carefully …

Thresholds help to “tie up” the body kit of the car. The most common - Rieger, soft, undulating, unsportsmanlike form. And we need horizontal lines. Ideally, Hamann. In reality, Kerscher again.

We leave the rear bumper as is, so as not to visually weight the rear of the car. But the hatch for the silencer matches perfectly with the Powerfull universal rear can. What else remains? Mirrors! Side mirrors from the "five" E39 look more solid, courageous, relatives do not have such pronounced faces.

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