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Bagel Hole


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Bagel Hole
Bagel Hole

It’s no secret that donut is alike. For example, the soft “donut” VAZ-2110 pleases the eye, but not the hands: finger comb on the rim is not provided, you have to hold the rim with a dead grip at speed, muscles get tired on a long journey. The former "classic" steering wheel is thin. The simplest solution to the problem is braiding.

The once popular leather straps with lacing are out of fashion - individual items are offered only in the "classics". On the "top ten" sell hollow "bagels", which must be pulled onto the steering wheel. We purchased eight products, of which two are domestic. They tested in the morning, in a light frost, so the braids were stretched reluctantly. Many manufacturers recommend in this case to heat them in warm water. But the steam room, as it turned out, does not always solve the problem. So!

1. The most expensive "donut" (1560 rubles) was made in Japan by the company "Jaspa" (Jaspa). The color scheme - dark leather and mahogany - is more likely designed for Mercedes. Great effort when donning was not required. Pedantic Japanese indicate the size with an accuracy of millimeter (371–385 mm), but how to measure the steering wheel, it became clear only after trying. The inner diameter of the “10-decimal” steering wheel is 328 mm, the outer diameter is 385 mm (when buying, you should focus on the maximum size). The leather looks solid, but the steering wheel is clearly thin for it - the edges do not fit snugly on the rim, and thick seams somewhat interfere. But sits like a glove and at a good taxiing. True, the areas under the tree and under the skin behave differently: the former are better kept with dry hands, the latter with wet ones. When choosing this braid, keep in mind that the steering wheel with it will become much thicker. Therefore, it is more likely for men's hands than for women's.

2. The product of the German company "Richter" (Richter) costs 350 rubles and is made, judging by the inscriptions, from natural rubber. A multi-colored hand on the packaging indicates that the main purpose of the braid is therapeutic massage. So we will forgive her an unpresentable appearance and flip flops of elastic rubber along the rim with active taxiing. The effect of the massage appears after just a few quick turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock: rather sharp protrusions knead the skin to pain. With a hydraulic booster, perhaps, the pain threshold would still be far away, and without it, again, this braid is addressed to the corpus callosum. The permissible rim size is 36–43 cm. Due to its good elasticity, the braid is easily put on.

3. A four-color braid from Richter will cost 285 rubles. On the Russian-language sticker, the diameter of the steering wheel is 37–39 cm, the coordinates of the supplier and the color are colorful (that is, color). We will not evaluate style - the buyer knows better. But the fact that such a circus steering wheel draws attention to the car is undeniable. Sewing so-so: the edging edge protrudes, the threads stick out. One putting on the braid withstood, although the effort had to make a fair amount. But after the second I broke. So do not neglect heating (although the manufacturer does not give such recommendations). The clutch is not bad, but in wet hands the steering wheel slides. Protruding edging of the seams is a little hindering the grip. In a word, by and large, only the diameter of the steering wheel increased, otherwise unchanged.

4. The Kofield firm, Taiwan - 170 rubles. The sticker lists the car models (VAZ-2108-2112, Moskvich-2141) - finally! - And even the address of the company in Taiwan (also in Russian!) Is indicated. Having taken the braid out of the package, marveled at the neat seams and … the intoxicating smell. This is truly a dream of a drug addict - after five minutes in the car there was a persistent chemical, partly even pleasant aroma. Interestingly, is it a special perfume or a technological appendage? The braid was put on easily, it fits snugly to the rim, the grip is good with both dry and wet hands, it doesn’t cripple when taxiing. As always, fringing is a bit in the way, especially the outer edge.

5. Another product of the same company (134 rubles) is designed for external effect. The braid seems to have been sewn from a wetsuit material. The steering wheel cover put on easily, and still remained hanging - the edges stubbornly do not want to fit on the rim. If you don’t hold on to the steering wheel very tightly, the braid creeps along the rim all the time, although it does not come off. However, the effort conveys - and thanks for that. But to put your fingers in the blue recesses, you have to spread them. No one will steer like that. But you can pose.

6. Braid “Bars-Prestige”, LLC “LEO”, St. Petersburg, 125 rubles. Sad leopard on the front side of the package and palms with massage areas on the back. There are more than a dozen zones: from the throat and neck to the small intestine and groin. Let's read the inscription: “the braid is pulled onto the steering wheel of a car of any model (oh how!), Helps maintain the flexibility of the fingers … helps increase potency.” Wow! “Bars” was a beast strong and stubborn. Tame it, that is, pull the "skin" on the steering wheel, it turned out to be quite difficult - there were not enough five centimeters. Even after warming up in boiling water, the situation did not improve, only streams from wet fur inserts flowed onto clothes and a seat. True, the wet braid began to crawl better on the steering wheel, but the edging seam ordered. Well, these are trifles. The trousers had barely dried up, they took up the test! It’s convenient to rest your hands on fur inserts, but fire on the massage part. Not only is the plastic hard, but also a flurry strives to cut a hand: “Bars” ended up with claws. And about the potency lied - nothing increases!

7. Massage “Prestige” for 53 rubles, we initially took for a product of the same company. However, looking closely, they found "ten differences." From the surname Dzhanelidze in the name of the research institute disappeared "ate", there is no manufacturer data, patent number and barcode. This time, the main language was French - albeit with errors. In Russian, there were words about the potency and flexibility of the fingers. This braid is pulled, unlike the Barça, as an example - it’s quite simple to master martial arts. The protrusions are also not so aggressive, and the flash is smaller. Steering, of course, is possible, but not for long and the skin is torn off.

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