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Will It Be Too Small ?


Video: Will It Be Too Small ?

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Youtube is too small for 2 characters. 2023, January
Will It Be Too Small ?
Will It Be Too Small ?

Quite young guys behind the wheel of decent foreign cars, besides tuning ones, are not uncommon in Moscow. You talk with them - it turns out, students or just “free artists”. Unloading wagons at night is not in vogue now, this is the time of parties … There is a logical question about income. And the natural answer suggests itself: parents helped. No, no, this is not a rebuke. That's right, relatives should support each other. But not all children accept help. Some offer it themselves.

Sergei Pivovarov, despite his young years, is already an accomplished master. And no one took his hand: he achieved everything himself. He graduated from automobile college, received a diploma in "Designer of CNC machine tools" and began to engage in what he is most interested in - repair and tuning cars. He worked as a broad-profile mechanic, then upgraded his skills to a tinsmith.

His specialization - metal surgery - is so unusual that many did not even hear the word. And it is explained simply: body panels of serious tuning cars are usually decorated with an unusual relief, ventilation holes, "nostrils". This is what Sergey does. Moreover, representatives of several metropolitan tuning studios are turning to him. We will not name them, since they, in turn, do not mention that the Brewers help them work with metal.

And the constant work for the young master - cutting and expanding arches - is a necessary procedure when installing larger wheels. Sergei, accustomed to taking the matter seriously, even created a website on this topic -

Moreover, he does not have a permanent job: he has to travel around the city and region with a set of tools and a pair of mobile phones. It's hard to believe, but under such conditions, the Oka turned out to be the best vehicle. Modified, naturally.

Purchased in the spring with mileage of 32 thousand. Now there are already 40 on the odometer. It was restored by the previous owner after a serious accident. The new most unflattering words commemorates the “masters” who left huge gaps between the parts on the left side and did not bother to make a normal seam, but limited themselves to “tacks”. Everything had to be corrected. But in the car there was a so-called eurotorpedo with "six" devices!

By June, the Oka had acquired swollen arches, and Sergei replaced the 12-inch wheels with 13-inch ones from the Classics with 185/65 tires. I had to make adapters to the hubs, but the master was quick-witted and greatly simplified the work. Now the wheels on a tiny machine look like real "rollers" in a supercar. With them, the Oka rose and began to resemble a tiny jeep. So that they didn’t strike the arches, the tuner set the Plaza-Sport rigid shock absorbers. I had to shorten the springs by 2–2.5 turns. This combination returned everything to its place and significantly improved handling.

Other external modifications to the machine: bumpers trimmed and painted in body color and grille. The day before filming, Sergei installed on the roof "runners" from the station wagon 2111.

Inside, the main change - the seats from the Mitsubishi 3000 GT sports coupe - was lost to a friend who could not cope with the installation of luxurious seats in the "top ten". Sergei did everything wisely, and now in the Oka salon is surprisingly convenient. Another important modification is the installation of a high-quality steering wheel SWM. With a good steering wheel and less fatigue. And to twist a regular wheel or even “Virage” - is it really a tuner thing?

For convenience, Sergei made an overlay on the front panel. There is a radio tape recorder - you can control it without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Top tray for small items. Everything is deployed to the driver. “Plastic is not my profile,” Sergey admits, “it turned out not very high quality. The panel “plays”, the upper corners of the lining are behind.” Nothing, learn. It is definitely.

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