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Yes, our belts are not held in high esteem. And traffic cops, by the way, openly spit on this violation, leaving it to the most extreme case - when there is nothing to complain about. But then, "for the belts" can be punished almost every first. Let the revenue is small, but guaranteed.

A street racers belts generally consider something shameful. Fastened - means a bad driver, a coward. Real masters ride without “straps”! The children would have to go to real competitions once and find at least one unfastened pilot … Any sports car can “decompose” (“make ears”) - this is a common phenomenon even for a highly qualified pilot. Therefore, athletes with a belt on you: not just throw them on, but fit them very tightly. And the mechanics do not put the first comers - they are looking for the best. In addition, the requirements for safety systems in motorsport are growing with the same progression as the dynamics of sports cars.

… We found excellent belts in the Moscow-based Master-Sport company. The company began working with the popular German brand Schroth more than four years ago, promoting safety among both athletes and tuners. Believe me - no other product from its catalog in “Master Sport” is given such attention as belts.

For Schroth, seat belts have been a major activity since 1946. The first belts were made by German engineers for aircraft (and since then the design has been constantly improved). And the company came to motorsport in 1954. Accessories for sports became the main products of the company in the 60-70s. And the first major customer was Porsche, still working with Schroth.

We met with a specialist from a German company at the Aircraft Interiors Russia-2004 exhibition dedicated to equipping aircraft interiors. Michael Zimmermann, manager of the Schroth Air Force Group, spoke about the Profi series seat belt program. There is nothing surprising in the wide competence of company employees, because automobile belts are the heirs of aviation.

The program includes many interesting developments. For example, asm's patented security system (short for anti-sub-marining, that is, anti-diving). Diving under belts is a common thing with a frontal impact, increasing the severity of injuries. The asm system eliminates this situation, reduces the acceleration of the head and upper body, and reduces the load on the hip belts by up to 30%. And serves as a good indicator showing whether to change belts after an accident. The engineers obtained this data by simulating a frontal collision at 50 km / h at right angles with a solid obstacle.

The Germans developed a new RFR rotary lock - the same for racing cars and for airplanes. It is about a third lighter than locks of other companies. The design eliminates accidental opening. And in Russia there is not even a GOST that defines the requirements for seat belts. Therefore, the excuses that traffic police will punish for non-standard belts are far-fetched. Road life - belts are needed. From experience we can say that in all serious tuning cars, multipoint belts are installed, not for beauty.

Schroth has a whole line of belts for tuning cars, including with the asm system. The average price of a kit is $ 100. Some of them are designed for cars with a rear seat installed, but most are designed for cars with two seats. There are belts for rally enthusiasts, there is a Quick Fit series - these models are convenient for driving in the city with frequent stops. Models of the Profi-FE series are almost similar to real racing ones - they have the same locks and straps with a width of 3 inches (for tuning ones - 2 inches, or 50.8 mm).

Statements that shoulder straps rub shoulders are completely untenable. In order to get rid of this shortcoming once and for all, you can put on the shoulder part of the belts lining made of soft material and sheathed with textile or leather. The color of the linings and belts can be matched to the interior decoration or body color. There are at least nine options.

These sports belts can be recommended only to those tuners who use the car as a training or participate in competitions in it. It should only be noted that the fastening points in sports belts are at least four, and in most cases six.

Professional athletes should pay attention to the Hans system, which protects the cervical spine, occipital part of the head and shoulders from damage. In Formula 1, this system has already become mandatory (have riders seen a strange structure on their shoulders and with clasps on their helmets?). In the Russian motorsport Hans takes only the first steps. However, the pilot, who recently flew off the track in an open "formula", she saved her life - the arc behind the back just happened.

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