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On LeMan?

Video: On LeMan?
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On LeMan?
On LeMan?

The company's demo car is called the Kleemann C 55K S8. This index means that C-Klasse has not only developed the engine. Modified many components and assemblies under the Stage 8 program (that is, "stage 8", or "the eighth stage").

But you should start with the engine. We have repeatedly said that AMG 5.5 is one of the best of existing automobile engines. Equipped with a mechanical supercharger V8 is now put on many Stuttgart models, including C-Klasse cars; 367 h.p. and 510 N * m - this is more than enough for confident traffic on the roads. Still, the Danes manage to refine the cool AMG engines. Simply replacing the compressor with a Kleemann unit increases power to 550 hp, and torque to 718 N * m.

The engine control program has also been changed. It is written for new wide-phase shafts. The Danes say “last, but not least” about the exhaust system, that is, the last, but not the least. The tract, made of stainless pipes with a diameter of 70 mm, gives a considerable increase in power - despite the fact that four catalytic converters have been implanted into it. Sports, as indicated in the description, that is, with a reduced back pressure of the exhaust gases. They strangle the motor much weaker than conventional catalysts. Two trapezoidal pipes looking out from under the standard AMG bumper are especially good (perhaps the Danes will develop their own tuning bumper on its basis).

After these modifications, the magnificent engine develops already 600 hp. at 5800 rpm and 760 N * m, available from 2000 rpm. This amazing power is transmitted to the wheels through a differential, also developed by a tuning studio. The German sedan gains the ability to accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, and 200 km / h are reachable 12.5 seconds after the start. Like many other Danish cars, the C 55K S8 cannot develop more than 300 km / h - electronics prohibits.

Wheels, suspension and brakes - everything corresponds to a powerful motor, after the modification of which the masters shook all the nodes.

The choice of alloy wheels is limited to two models - TM-5 and TS-6. Available sizes are from 17 to 19 inches. The largest are the TS6 with 235 / 35ZR19 tires on the front axle and 265 / 30ZR19 on the rear. In order to make the car's behavior easy to control, the Mercedes suspension is changed to the Speed ​​Sensitive Suspension kit. Lowered by 30 mm, it holds the car firmly even in the steepest turns, without forcing the driver and passengers to beat out the shot with their teeth. It was developed specifically for the kit with low profile wheels. The effectiveness of this suspension has been tested by the American auto magazine Car & Driver. It turns out that in terms of performance it is better than the Chevrolet C6 Corvette suspension.

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