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Easy Knockdown
Easy Knockdown

It is easier to find the limit of one's own strength than the capabilities of this car. At the wheel of an Evo, it seems, for example, that it is quite possible to cross all of Moscow from end to end in about ten minutes.

Bam - the head leans back and is imprinted with a nape in the headrest. Acceleration … Bam-bam-bam - gear shifting. Bam! - and the body hangs on a belt. Braking. That is, a stop - after such and such acceleration. And is it the SX500 Light? "Easy" degree of forcing? That would be more than enough for me. For any conditions. That's what the real tuning eight means! Audi S8 - far behind.

With the start of official sales in Russia of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII in the Moscow company Sportmobil, which has been specializing in Japanese sports cars for many years, a new plan has appeared: to slightly modify … the SX500 project. And thereby increase its popularity. Recall what we talked about before.

… SX500 - its own "sportsmobile" version of the Evo - implied a replica of the North American champion rally Evolution. Even outwardly, he largely repeated that car. The power of the Superengine engine, assembled on HKS components, was 380 hp, the torque (from which the name is) is 500 N.m. During the year, ten SX500s were prepared, the owners of which drove them along daily routes and to competitions of various levels.

This year, Mitsubishi dealers began official sales of the Evo VIII. The cost of the car in the Sport configuration is $ 43, 900, in the Elegance version - $ 44, 900. The difference between the first and second is in the passenger compartment (Elegance - Recaro seats in leather) has a smaller wing on the trunk lid. For a car that can make 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds, the cost is quite modest. This means that the model will become more popular. The theory is already being confirmed - even before the start of sales at Rolfe, three dozen orders for the Evo VIII were collected.

And now cars are selling out a lot of fun. The SX500 program is divided into two levels. The first is for those who lack the standard Evolution (seemingly ordinary people!), But who are not yet ready for big expenses for tuning. This level is called Light. And the second - for note extremes - GT level. In addition to engine power brought to 420 hp, the client can get a ton of additional equipment and fine tuning, bringing the car as close as possible to sports equipment.

At our disposal is “just” the SX500 Light as standard. Its main difference from the Evo VIII is the engine. A sort of "little" Superengine. Despite its modest name, “offal” is quite serious: power camshafts and special HKS valve springs; sports fuel system with high-capacity injectors on HKS components and Goodridge connectors; modified engine cooling system on the high-tech components RalliArt and HKS; HKS low resistance air filter; engine control controller with dual ignition function - own development of a Moscow company; turbo timer with automatic time calculation function, HKS; sports exhaust system with replacement of catalysts on Sportmobile and HKS components.

Let me remind you that in the standard version the G8 engine develops 265 hp. at 6500 rpm (in the previous series it was 280 hp, it was a little “strangled" for the sake of ecology). This is the net engine power (as a separate unit). “On wheels” - 13-15% less.

Power SX500 Light - 290 HP at 6700 rpm - in “Sportmobile” they measured with a Rototest super-precise stand. The tests were carried out not only in "home" conditions, but also in public - during the August auto show, surrounded by a whole crowd. Moreover, on one of the last days of the exhibition, representatives of a Swedish company visited there. So juggling is ruled out. And the words of Pavel Rustanovich, the technical director of a Moscow company, are usually not in doubt. And he says that the SX500 Light engine itself develops 320–330 hp. Solid!

On the move, however, these figures somehow fade. After warming up the engine and turbine, the car starts to drive in such a way that there is a slight clouding of reason: it makes a noise in your head, your tongue does not turn, your legs (when you step on the ground) do not listen … It seems that in this diabolical car there are at least 500 horsepower and hundred demonic. And they can be released at any time. For example, finding a prospectus. True, there is a “but” here: all avenues, when the SX500 rushes along them, turn out to be short and narrow streets.

It seems that the unusual clutch installed on this car also enhances the sense of dynamics - a professional double-disc HKS (not included in the basic package). It is not very suitable for city traffic jams - to get started, you need to spare no gas, and gear changes are accompanied by a palpable shake of the car. And the sound. Bam!

The last modest, but important addition to the configuration of the machine is the testers on the RalliArt brand console. In the standard version, the console is "blind." Devices, of course, not only decorate the interior, but also provide important data on the operation of boost, electrics, cooling.

Externally, the car practically does not differ from the standard one - the same bright and concise sedan with a clearly sports accent. The only thing you can identify with the SX500 Light is the side stickers. The company's specialists have long played enough with external effects, experimented with design. And now they are focusing on the main thing, in which they are the best, - modifications of the hardware.

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