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Savage In The City


Video: Savage In The City

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Savage Plug - LA CITÉ (Official Music Video) 2023, January
Savage In The City
Savage In The City

The homeland of the "big-footed" is undoubtedly the USA. It was there that they came up with the idea of ​​putting “lifted” suspension and huge wheels on ordinary SUVs and pickup trucks, turning them into real monsters (by the way, this is the second official name for this type of car). But the monster is no longer just a big foot, but something threatening. Hence, it is more interesting to use it not only as a means of transportation, but as an entertainment for the public. The Americans had a great idea - to crush old cars with them, jump and generally arrange a circus on wheels. The main clowns are precisely the monsters, most often pickups.

Bigfoots are cars of a different sort: with wheels like trucks and a body pulled up to such a height that a stepladder is required when landing. You can even ride them around the city, if you are not afraid to catch something small-caliber like the Volga.

… Every morning in Moscow everyone is in a hurry about their business, trying not to be distracted. And yet, many of these "zombies" had a few minutes to carefully examine the unusual car. The general interest made me recall that bigfoot in some countries is also called snowmen. The car that was given to us for a ride in the Avtogold company looked like a real savage among the usual city stream.

He is a typical representative of his tribe. The only real big foot in Moscow - the current owners proudly say. And probably one of the few in our country. And his biography is truly exclusive.

A small excursion into the terminology of SUV tuners will be appropriate here. Body Lift - raising the body relative to the frame, Suspension Lift - a significant increase in suspension travel. Both technologies are used to increase cross-country ability and are usually combined with the installation of larger wheels.

Like many other bigfoots, our Hilux has acquired both types of elevators. To study the design is very simple - just look under the bottom. The thresholds here are at the chest level of a person of average height, so everything is in sight.

On the pickup frame is the Rancho logo. Unfortunately, current car owners cannot say for sure whether it’s native or modified. Most likely the second. The body is raised above the frame by a dozen centimeters. Spacers look solid: no self-prodigal like hockey pucks and stretches of water pipes (our off-rouders are fond of such needlework). Details are clearly factory-made installed in the regular places of fastening the body.

In the brake system, the hoses are only elongated and taken into a bright braid - for safety and elegance. Judging by the look, the cardan shafts have also been finalized. Chrome plated with red plastic anthers. Tuning! They are installed at a large angle. Front and rear - double shock absorbers (there are a dozen of them!), Which stand out not only in size but also in design - after all, Americans love bright packaging. Solid steering dampers look the same - they are simply necessary here by definition. Springs are ordinary, only red. At the ends are orange spacers. The appearance of these parts raises some doubts about their reliability. But it turns out to be completely in vain.

The wheels of the car are so special that they even have a dimension indicated in a system that has nothing to do with the generally accepted. By car are tires Ground Hawg 17 / 40-15LT (measures inch). They are mounted on chrome discs with wide “shelves”. Each shelf has a whole tape of weights. The wheel balancing process is hard to imagine. And the stand is not suitable for everyone.

The body is changed as follows: the front and rear wings are dismantled, instead of them are wide plastic extensions with rubber flanges. They are painted in body color and look like family. The origin of the car gives the design of the front end with its head - the headlights are removed, instead of them and the standard radiator grille there are chrome shutters, and round headlights under the bumper are assigned to illuminate the road. But they are also higher than the roof of a normal passenger car, so the light comes out like on a truck.

The car rides almost like a truck: high, solid, without disguising itself as a general stream. True, the move is softer, even with an empty body. The cabin is very comfortable (there is even air conditioning). Yes, the sound is not the same - after all, under the hood, the usual 2.8 L diesel for Hilux. At first glance it seems that this is not enough, but experiments prove that in combination with a real off-road transmission, huge wheels and driver’s skill, a car can work wonders.

For example, my namesake, who demonstrated the car, easily climbed the tall railway embankment, just connecting the front axle with “hubs” on the hubs. Immediately the people began to gather. The car no less nimbly rolled down and began to spin on the spot: maneuverability and dynamics are also shaking here.

After that, it turned out that the company’s employees, who are fond of various types of extreme sports, used this car not only to transport people and things to different hard-to-reach points, but, for example, to tow a paraglider. They say that the real pleasure of such entertainment is not only the “pilot”, but also the crew of the tugboat - because a car can easily rush across the field!

As for off-road equipment, our bigfoot has complete order with this. Just in case, there is a winch with a force of five tons behind, and in a wooden box near the wall of the cabin there is not only a set of tools, but also an additional battery of tank size and, apparently, a tank capacity. So if something happens, the car will pull itself out. As proof of Bigfoot’s amazing off-road capabilities, we were shown several videos where he snooped around a swampy field, climbed slopes and stormed ravines. No serial SUV, even UAZ or Hummer, is simply not capable of this. Is that "Ural".

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