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Neoclassic Kamei

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Neoclassic Kamei
Neoclassic Kamei

Unsurprisingly: the company does not allow itself to hack things even in trifles. And having paid a lot of money for an accessory with a famous logo, you gain confidence in the quality of the goods.

Interestingly, the company is in no hurry with the release of new products. Let the new products master others, fill themselves with cones, but they will show you whether it was worth trying. And then Kamei will catch up with high quality and considerable circulation …

This happened with the tuning program for the Golf V: competitors have long gone a long way, and at Kamei they carefully studied their offers, analyzed and handed out their program without haste. They called it traditionally - X1.

The basis of the X1 was a styling package (attachments - the skate of the company). Golf V decided to decorate in German concisely but elegantly, installing a modified front bumper, radiator grille, a wing on the roof and a rear bumper spoiler. The exhaust nozzles (by the way, the system itself is tuned) have moved to the center of the rear bumper.

185 h.p. and 440 N.m - this is quite serious. A passenger car with such characteristics requires unquestioning obedience. And although it’s a sin to complain about the nature of the new Golf, the tuners decided to “restrain” the car by lowering the suspension by 35 mm.

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