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Student Vacation

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Student Vacation
Student Vacation

In order not to be crippled, the horsepower is only 75. Upholstery, of course, is velor, the temperature in the cabin is regulated by the power window buttons, the radio tape recorder does not know about the existence of CDs in the world. In a word, not a car, but a self-instruction manual for operating a vehicle. And ride on an old "Japanese" or "German", praising a generous fate. But there are those who, having barely passed (blowing off) the first session, are sent straight to the nearest tuning studio. And the hard work begins - creating a list of desired improvements. It just never happens, our selected student responds with a monosyllabic nod to all the proposals of the studio managers, it takes more than an hour to choose the right program. But then begins an unclouded enjoyment.

Sergey took up tuning without parental help and friendly advice. At one of the lectures, he sketched a short list on the back of the abstract.

… When the classes were over, the student jumped into the black Civic, put the Black Boomer cassette and went shopping. First of all, I bought a beautiful Simoni Racing steering wheel, gearbox lever handle and pedals. Looking around the interior, Sergey realized what was missing here, and gave the car a banner for a week. He himself began to search for suitable discs, without parting with the catalog of accessories for styling the exterior. Finally, Brock wheels were found and “shod” in proper rubber, and the accumulated amount did not even decrease by half. The young hondovod refused the expensive Armenian aero kit for aesthetic reasons, and in the appearance of the Civic there was only a tuning radiator grille stylistically echoing with a huge slot in the front bumper, modest “antennae” (they are also the side bumpers of the front bumper), the Pro wing. Sport and the 5Zigen exhaust system with a non-human-sized can.

During the holidays, the student moved to the sea to relax, and the car, already with a black and red interior made from a combination of leather and Alcantara, rugs from corrugated aluminum sheet and brand new “music” (a disc player, powerful speakers and a subwoofer with a condenser), moved to another tuning box. Upon returning, Sergey got into a coiled car with stiff shock absorbers and shortened springs. Civic greeted forces for twenty, a new suspension firmly nailed the car to the asphalt. You can cut music to the fullest.

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