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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Midnight, not a soul on the street. Rare cars rustle in the distance, but the area is still empty. And here she is! Monotonous buzz through the night silence. The sound grows, and everything is hidden in it - and the rustle of summer foliage, and the roar of the wind, and the tinkle of a tin road sign swinging in the wind. The sound of the tuned release of our BMW also disappears - at the very moment when the powerful growl of the most sophisticated Bora burst into the square in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. Together with the sound, light arises - blinding rays. No, they don’t flood everything around, but strike with a wide stream the paving areas from under the bottom of the car. A four halogen lamps of such strength are fixed there that a spectral map is read on centuries-old stones: from white at the epicenter, the light turns into bright purple and only then turns blue, as it should be.

Bora stops, the xenon headlights go out, the sound of the release disappears. The door opens and reveals the following wonder: a bright blue glow fills the entire cabin, harmoniously combined with the blue illumination of the devices. Two lamps under the dashboard, the same as under the bottom (albeit shorter), provide this illumination.

Las Vegas! So bright and colorful lighting technology in our area has never been met. Those expensive neon tubes that fans of the Fast and the Furious film briefly screw on to the body (not for long, because the tubes die very quickly) shine compared to the blue Bora torches like rotten rotten marshes. There is, of course, a new bottom illumination technology - based on fifty LEDs, but its cost is unreasonably high. Okay, let’s leave the admiration and soberly evaluate the other improvements. On the trunk lid we find the nameplate “V5 4motion”. All questions about the potential of the car are removed. Before us is Subaru from the VAG concern. Yes, this modification is great for external tuning. He will not drop the name’s honor, that's for sure. And if someday the owner wants to force the engine, change the gear ratios of the transmission or wave the suspension, there will be no obstacles: there are enough options for modifications, since Bora “grew up” from the fourth generation Golf.

Wheels are at the same time a revelation of the tuning master and a choice of the sophisticated: 18-diameter Kerscher prefabricated wheels with Dunlop Sport 9000 225/40 tires. Four such wheels can be exchanged for a VAZ-21099 manufactured in 1995, at no extra charge, used, very good. choir., bargaining is appropriate. Well, for a lively “just nine” - for sure.

The calipers are painted blue: this color is combined with a silver body better than battered red. Yes, and harmony with lighting should not be forgotten. And what is it that we can see through the spokes of the discs? Shock absorber. Bilstein, not otherwise. Exactly, the Sport model has adjustable stiff racks. A useful acquisition, especially in combination with such a motor.

Body styling is precise, but verified to the smallest detail. Oettinger radiator grille, Kamei cilia, Lumma sills. Lining on the door handles nameless, most likely, Polish production. This is a three quarter view. Behind the improvements is more significant - tuning optics, a “skirt” of the rear bumper, a wing that transforms the entire rear of the car (it is not without reason that it resembles Subaru). Exhaust pipes with Ulter engraving. In general, you cannot call the car a little charged, although a full tuning package in it is also somehow not felt.

We look inside. The cabin is almost a complete standard, not counting a few plastic inserts. Previously, there were parts imitating a tree. Now - under the aluminum. Well, also the knob of the gearshift lever handle of the Momo brand and the belts of the same name. Few? But there’s no bad taste.

And what's under the hood? Chrome strut strut and pretty blue again. This time the plastic covers of the engine and battery. Yes, the first opinion turned out to be true: the car is really thought out to the smallest detail. Here you will find the tuning twist everywhere you look. Systematic improvements, strong stylistic concept. Full tuning car.

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