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Eighth - Twisted

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Eighth - Twisted
Eighth - Twisted

Firstly, in 2003, when I was buying a car, there was only enough money for 2108. Secondly, no one knew and could not assume that the tuning budget would be inflated to such a colossal size. Everything was done in stages, and the money went gradually … And when they summed up, the hair on his head moved - 14 thousand dollars! A huge amount! But what has been done is done.

By the way, what has really been done? No drastic changes in the appearance are observed. If you look closely, you will notice a new rear optics with round lights and an American, red turn signal. Headlights, ordinary in appearance, with a twist in the form of biksenon. The bumpers are slightly raised, and they do not have a gap between the top edge and the body - non-standard. The lock has disappeared from the tailgate - it now opens without a key, from a button on the dashboard. For better or worse, the question is open, but the owner of the car is so convenient. The dismantling of the rear window wiper is also a controversial innovation, but Mikhail said that he removed it as unnecessary. That's all the external tuning. Although, wait, the rear wheel arches are still widened and sports lashing on the hood are installed. Now everything seems to be. Well, where is 14 thousand? Let's not rush, look into the engine compartment.

The G8 rolled off the assembly line with an 1.5-liter 8-valve engine, which did not warm Mikhail in any way. Hence the forced engine with "bloated" to 1730 cubic meters. cm volume and 16 valves. The thick-walled cylinder block, fashionable among tuning fans, made it possible to use pistons with a diameter of 84 mm. Valves - 32/28 inlet / outlet, camshaft - 50/44. The latter was selected in order to please the client, so that the engine would reveal sports opportunities at high revs. Further, all the little things: cold Champion 61c candles, high-performance nozzles, SVR Conversions receiver with a 56 mm throttle. Low Filter Green Filter Twister in a heat-shielded housing with a special swirl, increasing, according to the manufacturer, the air flow rate at the inlet.

Established "brains", of course, tuned to a specific engine. Now the G8 can move briskly on both the 95th and 98th gasoline. The key that transfers the motor from one octane number to another is mounted on the center console. The heel of horsepower in the overall standings brought a new once-through exhaust tract with a pipe diameter of 51 mm. The collector is assembled according to the scheme 4-2-1. All the “exhaust” equipment here is domestically produced, looks like a C grade, but its technical characteristics are clearly not inferior to foreign ones. The total capacity resulted in 157 liters. with. at 6800 rpm

Power is good, but everyone knows what brakes our machines have. So it is quite natural that after the alteration of the engine began to bring the suspension and brakes. Result: the front wheels are “overgrown” with 15-inch Zimmerman ventilated brake discs with Ferodo DS 2000 pads. 14-inch discs with brakes from Lucas-TRW stood back. Handbrake to please the traffic police left mechanical. Oh well, and so everything is very curly … The main brake cylinder with a vacuum booster from Lucas. Divider braking efforts set from the 41st "Moskvich". And now - the carcass! Michael swears hotly: “shod” in the Fulda Carat Extremo 205 / 45ZR16 on AT alloy wheels, when braking from 100 km / h the G8 runs 25 m. For reference: the Subaru Impreza WRX braking distance is about 40 m. But once swears.. As for the dynamics of acceleration, then 100 km / h, again according to Mikhail's assurances, the car picks up in 7.42 seconds, and will overcome 402 m in 15.96.

The suspension is ultra-rigid, gas-filled shock absorbers of high pressure, support of the front struts with spherical joints, the diameter of the pipe of the front anti-roll bar is 21 mm. To increase rigidity, a subframe is mounted on the triangular levers, under it a duralumin protection of the rally-type crankcase. Clutch - ClutchNet 4-blade ceramic disc. The gearbox has six steps, the main pair is 4.33. Quaife limited slip differential.

Salon modified without frills. Leather steering wheel, comfortable gear knob, door sills. Power windows, heated side mirrors and remote adjustment are more likely a standard kit of a modern car. The only thing that frankly pleases is the “buckets” of UNP with swap backrest. By the way, Mikhail is a master of sports in billiards. And it was not for nothing that he chose a green car. New chairs to the color of billiard cloth are also not accidental. Clearly a strategic move.

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