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There Is A "goby" Swinging?


Video: There Is A "goby" Swinging?

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There Is A "goby"  Swinging?
There Is A "goby" Swinging?





ZIL. The area is three hundred and thirty hectares of land, almost in the center of Moscow. Thirteen thousand people working (together with subsidiaries). The main products are trucks (13, 061 units were produced last year), of which the “Bull-calf” is best known (6831). This brief reference equally explains how the car factory is today, and is silent about many things.

The production of trucks in the Soviet Union has always been paramount. The industrialization of the 30s, the war years, the development of virgin lands, the army of many millions … In a word, there were enough orders. The all-seeing Gosplan clearly distinguished who and what, how much and where it produces for the needs of defense and the national economy. By the time of the collapse of the last great empire, all the auto giants produced more than 600 thousand trucks a year! Of these, a third accounted for ZIL. Needless to say, such volumes of nascent Russian capitalism were not needed, as were the models that were in production.

Realizing that five-ton with a voracious gasoline engine is not even required by the army, the ZIL leadership in a hurry began to look for a "magic wand". At first, the plant tried to switch to the production of trucks of various categories (including price), including truck tractors, but then it was decided to concentrate all efforts in a niche from 2.5 to 8 tons. The success of another auto giant, GAZ with its Gazelle, only confirmed the correctness of this path. In the end, the ZIL started back in 1924, also with a lorry AMO F-15. But this niche was already taken - it was necessary to increase the carrying capacity and to begin production of the today known "Bull-calf".


This year, the plant celebrated the tenth anniversary of the launch of its delivery truck. At its base today produce various utility vehicles, vans and buses. According to ZIL marketing director Viktor Novotchenko, “Bull-calf” pays off on average in 11 months, which is far from the worst indicator for our car industry.

In 2003, a new management team came to the plant, which first of all took up the truck marketing system. If earlier they used to come to Moscow specifically for “bulls”, now they can be bought and serviced under warranty in many regions. As a result, sales growth.

Another successful step is to increase the production of municipal equipment. At one time, before the Moscow Olympics, the first “unimogs” were purchased for the needs of the city; some instances work to this day! So, at ZIL they did something similar on the basis of the all-wheel drive “Goby”. The recent auto show in Leipzig showed that there is a demand for this equipment not only with us: the first order for 50 cars came from Eastern Europe. It’s clear that it’s all about the price - even with imported diesel our car is 50% cheaper than any of its eminent competitors.

Of the immediate plans for the future is the licensed production of inexpensive Chinese (and in the past - Japanese) trucks. In addition, Avtoframos plans to place an order with AMO ZIL for the manufacture of 12 stamped body parts for its new Renault Logan. Production of the first parts will begin in 2005 and will gradually increase over the next years to 720 thousand units. in year.


However, do not think that the beginning of the century for ZIL is painted in rainbow tones and colors; while the plant is still unprofitable, although losses are reduced. The quite popular “Goby” has a growing number of competitors, both produced in the country and coming from abroad in the form of a second-hand. What can ZIL answer? The answer is obvious - build quality. Alas, there are more questions than answers.

Today, the average salary of the collector on the assembly line is 8.5 thousand rubles; it is clear that Muscovites for ZIL do not break for such money. Thank God, AMO is one of the few enterprises in the city that is allowed to hire migrants from the CIS countries. Brothers-Ukrainians come to the rescue together with brothers-Moldavians; the army also helps. Not in the sense of placing orders (although this also exists), but … soldiers of military service. On the assembly line, we were very confused by the young age of the workers. All of them wore camouflage hats with a cockade, and special clothes were belted with soldier belts. A civilian master is assigned to the servants; under his leadership, fighters from the construction battalion and collect trucks. According to them, work on the assembly line gives a good addition to the meager army: in a year or two, some manage to save up to 14-15 thousand rubles. Of course, the unity of the army and the people pleases. But can we expect a high build quality from a construction battalion, and how justified is this use of defenders of the homeland?

Personnel is a problem not only of ZIL and not only of Moscow, but of many large (especially capital) European cities: residents of megacities do not want to go on the conveyor! Even in German factories in such work, most often migrants - Turks and Pakistanis; as a result, a decrease in the famous German quality was noted somewhere. What can we say about us …

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