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"Magnificent Five" A Year Later

Video: "Magnificent Five" A Year Later
Video: The Magnificent Five 2023, February
"Magnificent Five" A Year Later
"Magnificent Five" A Year Later





It has been a whole year since five production cars of the Russian assembly returned from the Moscow-Vladivostok race. We spoke about the technical condition of the machines in hot pursuit (ZR, 2003, No. 11, 12). After a ten thousandth run across the country, the identified malfunctions were eliminated and the resource tests of the machines continued. What are the results of the past year? We will evaluate cars in the same sequence as a year ago.

Ford focus


Ford Motor Company, Vsevolozhsk

Release Year: 2002

In operation "DRIVING":

since January 2003

Mileage at the time of the report: 53 thousand km

Previous publications

In the magazine:

2003, No. 3, 5, 11, 12; 2004, N 1, 4

Vadim Kryuchkov, 38 years old - a lover of a sporty driving style, a first-class sportsman, a participant in ring racing, a driver's experience of 19 years. I drove 18, 000 km on a Ford before traveling to Vladivostok and 24, 000 km after:

- The car is not bad, generally satisfied. I would like more ground clearance and a bigger trunk. It would be almost ideal at a price of $ 8.5-9 thousand. With the current "from 12 thousand, " fastidiousness to gasoline and the noise of the cabin do not want to forgive.

Renault Symbol

Manufacturer: Avtoframos, Moscow

Release year: 2003

In operation "DRIVING": since July 2003

Mileage at the time of the report: 45 thousand km

Previous publications in the journal: 2003, No. 11, 12; 2004, Nos. 3, 6, 8

Igor Morzharetto, 43 years old - a fan of moderate and reliable driving style, experience - 14 years. Rides on the "Symbol" from the moment it returns from the run:

- A very convenient city car. For long trips, too, not bad, but cramped. The trump card is value for money. In general, it inspires confidence with its unpretentiousness and reliability. And not too externally elegant trunk will accommodate a considerable luggage - more than many D-class sedans.

Hyundai Accent

Manufacturer: TagAZ

Release year: 2003

In operation "DRIVING": since May 2003

Mileage at the time of the report: 51 thousand km

Previous publications in the journal: 2003, No. 6, 11, 12; 2004, N 1, 3

Anatoly Fomin, 34 years old, driving for 16 years - a fan of a neat, prudent ride, a regular driver of "Accent" over the past year:

- In general, I like the car. Visibility and relative silence in the cabin with uniform driving are quite satisfied. This is a good city car with a fairly moderate fuel consumption, even with an “automatic”. In my opinion, the ride height is small, the suspension does not have enough travel and energy consumption. For the price-quality-reliability “Accent” is on top.

Kia rio

Manufacturer: AvtoTOR, Kaliningrad

Release year: 2003

In operation "DRIVING": since July 2003

Mileage at the time of the report: 40 thousand km

Previous publications in the journal: 2003, No. 11, 12; 2004, N 1, 3

Yuri Nechetov, 43 years old, of whom 23 are driving - a passionate lover of road trips, including family ones. Member of the expedition "Eurasia 2003". He drives a KIA Rio constantly after the car returns from the Far East:

- The car consists of contradictions: the motor is frisky, but very noisy, the interior is large, but creaky. And yet, despite the shortcomings, Rio is worth the money, because in its price group it is the best family wagon. And a big guarantee is a serious argument in favor of the car.


Manufacturer: GM-AvtoVAZ, Tolyatti

Release Year: 2002

In operation "DRIVING": since December 2002

Mileage at the time of the report: 62 thousand km

Previous publications in the journal: 2003, No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 12; 2004, N 1, 5

Alexander Budkin, 31 years old, driving experience - 8 years. Hobbies - hunting and fishing, as well as cars suitable for these purposes:

- Despite the pathological unreliability, I really like the car. It is in demand in our country more than cars for good roads. It is very disappointing for the domestic quality of components. I drove a year on the grandparent - VAZ 2123. The current car, although an order of magnitude better in the details, has not been ill with the most serious disease: reliability has not become the trump card.


“Focus” was held after a trip to the east 24 thousand km, of which five thousand business travelers. No new problems were expected, and, fortunately, they did not arise. At least, the burnout (with a small interval) of the lamps in the headlights for the fortieth thousand disaster can not be called.

Dislike for domestic gasoline is stable: candles were changed on the 33rd, 42nd and 51st thousand. But this is not so bad. Worse, by the 51st thousand, the car completely stopped driving, periodically stalled at the most inopportune moment - overtaking. Out of habit, they sinned on candles, but their replacement did not bring usual relief - so, a little let go. Sad thoughts arose about a gasoline pump. The "visit" to the gas tank pleased and upset at the same time: the fuel pump is working! The reason for weakness is as simple as an orange: a gasoline filter - a plastic mesh turned into a barrier to fuel, and smart electronics began to turn off the gas pump, protecting it from overload.

The method of struggle has already been mastered not only by handy motorists, but also by branded service stations. You just need to remove the gas tank, remove the pump and clean the fuel receiver. Ideally, it is worth replacing, but the cheap part comes complete with a gas pump that costs $ 480, plus another 170 for replacing it. It is difficult to hope for a guarantee in this case: fuel quality is the owner's concern.

By the way, TO Focus, depending on the mileage, will cost 60-120 dollars. Looking ahead, we note the leadership of Ford - the prices for servicing other members of the five bite even more. For example, the standard hour spent with the Chevrolet Niva is estimated at 25 at. e. Recently cheaper work for the "symbols" of 1.4 liters - for maintenance they ask for 110-160 dollars. In general, Ford is an economy, however, only against the background of other “Russian foreign cars”.

And the rest, beautiful marquise, all is well! “Ford” is alive, healthy, still pleases with excellent handling and resistance of the chassis to road adversities.



“Renault Symbol”, after returning from the Far East, traveled 35 thousand km, of which more than ten went on business trips. During this time, he managed to travel twice in Ukraine, visit Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh and even Finland. The reputation of a tough nut, earned in the Far Eastern campaign, was confirmed: over the past year, the suspension remained as comfortable and dense, the engine does not turn up the nose on domestic gasoline, and does not require excess candles.

True, a couple of sores still got out. At about the 30th, a steering rack replacement with power steering was required. And although the case was recognized as a guarantee, it is definitely impossible to call it a factory marriage. Our attentive readers remember those 100 grams of water, inadvertently poured into the power steering reservoir. Perhaps it was they who were affected after twenty thousand miles.

Another malfunction to the owner of the “nine” or “tens” will seem a trifle, unworthy of mention: think, the gas cable broke out and stopped moving! But for a foreign car with such a mileage, this is unacceptable.

At the service station, the malfunction was treated sensibly - the case is far from the only one, and therefore such spare parts are available, and even for an hour. I had to pay for the work - the warranty ended three days before this incident.

By the way, about maintenance - the manufacturer’s warranty has been increased to two years (without mileage limitation).


Hyundai Accent behaved most exemplarily, becoming a leader by the results of a year of operation. During this time, he asked almost nothing, except for scheduled maintenance and gasoline. This car of the five was most lucky for long trips - out of 31 thousand 27 were on business trips around the country: Kotlas, Perm, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, Yaroslavl … The Accent never failed the driver on the long road. Fuel consumption in the city is within 8.5 l / 100 km, on the highway - about 7 l / 100 km.

Our operation has confirmed that the Accent is for roads with decent coverage. Even shock absorbers and springs are still alive. Recall: they were replaced after a run to Vladivostok, because the car “crouched” by 25 mm, and the shock absorbers lost their working capacity.

Accent with an automatic transmission is very sensitive to driving style: average fuel consumption is pretty much dependent on the temperament of the driver. Alas, the Accent engine does not like cold weather. It is not always possible to “wake him up” after a twenty-degree night frost. No one is safe from pebbles flying in the windshield on the track. The replacement cost 7420 rubles (together with consumables and work).

More recently, after a maintenance of 50, 000 km, an unfortunate event occurred: only after 500 kilometers the motor began to “triple” at idle and lost a little playfulness. The first unscheduled visit to the service station took only half an hour - one of the high-voltage wires turned out to be defective and served only a quarter of the time it was due. To the credit of the service, the replacement was made at the expense of the establishment - a trifle, but nice.


For distant, especially family wanderings, Rio is a little better than Accent. Arguments in his favor - a larger interior and trunk, the possibility of transformation, a more tenacious suspension. But the reliability of the “Baltic Korean” is far from ideal, and the five-year guarantee - by the way, the longest in the company in question - has already helped us out three times. Unfortunately, the defects relate to the engine. The appearance of oil in candle wells is a shame for a foreign car with a mileage of only 20 thousand. And the most unpleasant thing is a relapse after another 10 thousand, weighed down by the leak of the crankshaft oil seal. Yes, warranty cases, but undermine faith in the durability and reliability of the machine.

Drawing conclusions about the technical condition of Rio after the Far Eastern run, we noted that the shock absorbers and springs, although a little worn out, are quite functional. Unfortunately, for another year even the adapted suspension could not resist: the last maintenance required the replacement of the rear shock absorbers, which are not covered by the warranty.

Winter, snow, northern snowdrifts … reversing maneuvers did not bode well. But under the snow was a thin metal rod! In a plastic bumper - a hole with a fist. Repair on a branded service cost … 26, 300 rubles! Dear KIA Rio owners, take care of the bumpers! Their damage will inevitably lead to the notorious hidden defects that can seriously encroach on your wallet.



In the circles of automotive journalists, there is the concept of a “boring car”: one that has nothing to write about. Comfortable, without obvious flaws and advantages, it drives itself without problems from one MOT to another. Chevrolet Niva is the exact opposite; novels can be written about it.

The five is the oldest car. It so happened that before the expedition “Eurasia 2003” it covered 25 thousand km, and after another 27; Visited Togliatti, Volgograd, Ulyanovsk; regularly went hunting and fishing. The thorny ten-thousandth segment after Eurasia 2003 was described in detail in ЗР, 2004, No. 5, therefore we will not repeat ourselves, but tell what happened next. We fulfilled our promise to replace the tires with standard ones: immediately after TO 45, 000 km we bought imported ones of the recommended dimension.

On the 49th thousand I had to once again tighten the left front wheel bearing, but this is a trifle. The trouble happened when the odometer came close to the "fifty dollars" - the crosspiece of the front "cardan" jammed. With a creak and a roar, the car reached the service station. They didn’t philosophize there - they replaced the drive shaft of the front axle assembly, the benefit of the supply of spare parts seemed to be adjusted. We reached the next maintenance, we think, without any problems (the low beam lamp and two fuses do not count).

At the 62nd thousand near the "Niva" the diode bridge of the generator pierced. Bought, delivered - let's go. At the same time, the well-worn gas cable was replaced.

On this "joy" did not end. Kilometers through two hundred gear lever acquired a suspicious freedom of movement. The defect progressed rapidly: they could go to the service only in second gear (you can start, but the maximum speed of 50 km / h is not very shameful). The reason is elementary - the clamp on the lever drive has slightly disengaged and the lever has begun to "live" separately. The clamp was fixed, and the "dead" along the way the sound signal was replaced. While everything works!

How long? The car is really good, only it must be done somehow differently, and the components must be of a different quality.


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