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Second Half Of Life

Second Half Of Life
Second Half Of Life





VAZ 2111

Manufacturer: AvtoVAZ

Release year: 2001

In operation "DRIVING": since July 2001

Mileage at the time of the report: 90 thousand km

Previous journal publications:

2001, No. 7; 2003, No 1

A long time ago, we, “Silver” and your humble servant, did not report on what we had done and done! It has been more than a year and a half since then - the odometer of a silver station wagon has already exceeded 90 thousand kilometers. By factory standards, half of the resource, 75 thousand km, is long behind. But in fact, a car, if serviced in a timely and correct manner, is able to work much longer. I will add: unless, of course, it is impossible to demand from him.

Remember how you tell others about your car - it is unlikely that this will be a monotonous “biography” that lulls the audience to sleep. No, most likely you will recall the most striking episodes by which you can give the car an objective assessment. I will do the same.


… Especially at the wheel of KamAZ, but on a repaired road sprinkled with rubble! I wonder what you’re doing when you meet such “racers” on the highway, from which you can’t turn off, not go off. And the monsters, roaring with their motors, cut through the crushed stone road, like rocket boats water surface, clouds of stones fly from under the wheels, from which you can’t escape.

And so it happened with Silver on that unfortunate day. KamAZ trucks flashed at a speed of a hundred, firing a haze of rubble at our station wagon and leaving a feeling of complete dependence on the will of hooligans … Flashed at the back of consciousness: it’s good that there is no “Kalashnikov” at hand, otherwise there would be no sin! Glass, surprisingly, survived. Stopping, examined the “Silver” more attentively: the headlights also did not suffer. But on the hood and around the port side of the car are numerous pockmarks of chipped paint. Repairing a metallic, as you know, is not easy. Here the collective idea was born: there are already paint damages typical of Mother Russia, so why not check the corrosion resistance of the soil, cataphoresis, galvanizing? Simply put, smallpox did not paint over. With them, Silver safely survived two winters, paint damage did not grow, did not turn into rusty ulcers. Nicely!


Last spring, “Silver” was trivially “stripped.” Security certificate - sticker ЗР did not help at all. It can be seen that for those who stolen deficient air mass flow sensors from cars in Tolyatti, there is nothing sacred.

The simplicity of the design contributes significantly to this, which is worse than theft! Try to find a car, opening the hood of which is easier than that of the "dozens": just hook the cable of the lock drive wire with a wire hook - and pull it! And there is access, and from different angles. Everything happens so quickly that the villains do not even bother to fight the alarm yelling loudly: cutting the bundle of wires of the DMRV and the rubber duct with one wave of a knife, they tear off the air purifier and carry it away with the sensor.

Knowing this, experienced car owners equip the hood with additional constipation, but they will not save from a skilled thief. It is claimed that the hood of the "tens" can be pulled out using a convenient gap between it and the wing! Our not mutilated - and thanks for that.

Car dealers reacted to the situation: kits appeared on sale - an air purifier case with a filter, DMRV, a hose, a bundle of wires … The price is "modest" - 3000 rubles. But another problem arose: for Bosch-January injection systems, there are two types of mass air flow sensors - with indices 004 and 037. People often buy what they get. So it happened with Silver: instead of the 004 sensor, they put 037. Because of this, fuel consumption on suburban roads increased on average by half a liter - from 7.0 to 7.4–7.5 l / 100 km. He grew a little in the city, but the motor became more high-torque at lower speeds, allowing you to include higher gears earlier.


With this mileage, as expected, replaced the timing belt. The native, though, still looked fine, but small cracks showed a considerable work experience, and in such cases there was no need to risk it … We did not.

Candles "Champion" ION-6 worked out all 60 thousand km, without even requiring adjustment of the gap between the electrodes. Factory authorities only clicked their tongues: they say that you were lucky with gasoline. But after all, what kind of fuel did not get into the tank for 60 thousand …

From time to time, the contact in the left rear light began to break: either there is no “stop”, then the “clearance” does not shine. They wanted to replace the flashlight board - alas, they were not found on sale. Here on the sedan - please. I had to clean the contacts, spray them with “Spray-contact” liquid. It helped for a month. Then all over again … It ended up putting a foil. Since then, the rear illumination has been working flawlessly.

But the event is more sad: shortly after the planned maintenance, the starter ordered a long life. It started with the fact that when starting the engine, the crankshaft rotated somehow strained, and later the starter completely jammed. I had to buy a new one.

At the same time, the “branch” of the corner switch also broke off. Replacement again.


Apparently, as a reward for reliable operation, our station wagon was once awarded a trip abroad. Despite the full load, the car easily rolled along the excellent roads of Finland. Particularly unusual are the peaceful customs of local drivers, a calm movement. Partly (or in many ways!) Therefore, the average gas consumption was about 6.5 liters per hundred - by the way, the dipped headlights are constantly on. (Many for some reason believe that this greatly affects fuel consumption - semi-literacy is worse than ignorance!)

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