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Painting On Steel Sides


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Painting the Superman: Call to Action PF | Sideshow Behind the Scenes 2023, January
Painting On Steel Sides
Painting On Steel Sides





Traditional tuning does not make the owner's car unique. In fact, any mechanical improvements and attachments that change the appearance are limited by existing offers on the market. But there is a way to make the car truly unique.

The individuality of a person is capable, as we know, is best conveyed by an artist. What about your car? Airbrush artist. The images on the body, of course, do not affect the dynamic qualities and controllability, but, you see, you can’t imagine a better way to declare yourself. In addition, you can apply a drawing to a car that has already undergone traditional tuning.

If we are talking about art, forget about the lurid stickers and garage technologies for applying certain images. All the metal paintings presented in the photo are the fruits of the works of authors from the Russian Union of Airbrush Artists, and it is not by chance that we call them here. However, do not forget that these cars with an exclusive design remain participants in the road. Unlike cars with mechanical alterations, here for owners there are much less problems. They will not have to seek the manufacturer’s approval, certificate or prove the legality of the alterations in any other way. It is enough to observe and adhere to two basic principles. Firstly, the art on the sides of your car should not repeat the graphic images of special vehicles (firefighter, traffic police, ambulance, etc.), and secondly, the color scheme of the picture should not clog the base color of the car. Otherwise, you will have to change the data sheet to fix a new color in it. Also requires coordination with the traffic police image that carries advertising information.

How much does it cost to turn a car into a masterpiece of art? Unfortunately, the exclusive is expensive. This is mainly affordable for owners of expensive cars, although there are exceptions. Depending on the area, complexity of work and other factors, the price ranges from 3 to 10 thousand dollars per car. Or one more reference point: 700-1000 at. e. for the body part.

Why so expensive? Yes, because when applying images to metal, plastic moldings and bumpers, they apply technologies close to factory methods of painting. In the list of used materials, world brands familiar to most motorists are: Standox, Du Pont, Sikkens, 3M, Spies Hecker and others. Can a technically complex image, high-quality and durable, be evaluated as simple painting work? That is, how is repair painting a single color? Therefore, the proposal for a drawing priced at $ 200 per part has nothing to do not only with art, but also with a decent paintwork.

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