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Nissan Titan

Full size pickup

since the end of 2003 release in

Canton, Mississippi.

Engine: gasoline 5.6 l, 305 l. with.

Transmission: 5-speed automatic. Wheel formula 4x4 or 4x4.

Options: XE, SE, LE.

Price in the USA: from $ 22, 400.

Test car:

305 l with., grade LE, the price in Russia is $ 67, 000.

The amazing country of America. Everything in it is not the same as in Europe: the territory is huge, the oceans are two, the roads are straight and endless, the skyscrapers are tall, the ranch cannot be visited in a day, the cars are huge, powerful, voracious. Pickups are a special article: six meters long, on a frame, with a V-shaped gasoline "eight" with a volume of five to six liters. Road workers, housewives, and millionaires ride them, and for a residential trailer or trailer with a boat you can’t find the best towing vehicle. This year, the Nissan Titan won the prestigious Pickup of the Year contest. Through the efforts of "gray" dealers, such cars also fall into Russia - one of them, worth $ 67 thousand, visited our test.



Near the Titan, it’s just overwhelming - the ordinary car next to it seems like a toy. What are the menacingly frowning headlights - the diagonal, like a good TV! And also the huge "kengurin", an abundance of chrome, a scattering of lights over the windshield - power and beauty, Schwarzenegger and Banderas! However, if you put a pickup truck in free space and step back a little, you can appreciate the modern design and flowing lines that give a harmonious and stylish look to a utility vehicle.

It is equipped with an American scale: a leather interior, five electric seats (and the driver’s one also has a memory!), Air conditioning, full power accessories, full-time audio and video systems, an electric sunroof, adjustable pedal and steering column, an electronic compass, an outboard temperature indicator, garage door control panel. A navigation system is also provided, but this is not a pleasure for Russia. And eight (!) Airbags, disc brakes on all wheels, ABS, stabilization systems and traction control - and all this with the truck!

Frame "Titan" is released with two types of cabins. "One and a half" King Cab with a passenger capacity of 2 + 3 - with a close three-seater sofa in the back. The test pickup is with a more spacious Crew Cab (literally, “crew cabin”), which is called a double. She has four doors and with the driver's seat fully pushed back, there are still thirty centimeters to the rear sofa. It’s quite, by the way, full-fledged - given the more than two-meter wide body, here you can easily rest for a rest or seat three healthy men, oblique fathom in the shoulders. Only now the back is closer to the vertical than we would like. And driving was unexpectedly cramped - a massive console between the seats eats up a lot of space. Although it’s quite convenient, and finding “your” landing with such an abundance of adjustments is only a matter of time.

However, to see and feel such a miracle of technology is a great pleasure, but not complete. Need to ride.


The sound of the engine is quiet, pleasant and slightly bass. With your foot we release the parking brake (and how could it be otherwise, America!) And move the selector of the five-speed automatic transmission to the drive position. It happened! "Titan" smoothly rolled down the fourth floor of the parking lot. Despite the huge base of three and a half meters, the ramp ramp was surprisingly easy - the steering wheel can be rotated with one finger, twisting the front wheels almost across the body, and the high landing and large windows make it possible to feel the considerable dimensions of the pickup truck.

On the streets of Moscow, which are jammed with cars, you feel unaccustomed to feel like an elephant in a china shop - you wouldn’t inadvertently crush anyone. Therefore, you move carefully, slowly, with dignity. However, if at the traffic light it turned out to be “pole position”, you can have a good time - disturbing the blood with a dull roar, the three hundred forces of the V-shaped “eight” easily carry forward more than a two-ton “Titan”. Only “traction control” saves unloaded rear wheels from an empty body from slipping. The fact that someone can undercut or start a power struggle, forget - all of a sudden they became polite and helpful … It is understandable: who wants to get involved with such a thug?

The peak of pleasure is a suburban highway. "Automatic" works softly and quite predictably, but we judge the gear shift only by the nods of the tachometer needle. There is no problem shooting without delay when overtaking - the advantages of a large-volume motor are especially visible here. Many passenger cars will envy acoustic comfort, and the standard speed bump at a speed of about 40 km / h seemed just a road seam. If you forgot to slow down before the exit to the roundabout, the dynamic stabilization system very gently "strangles" the motor and, braking the wheels, carefully guides the car into a turn.

And here is the field - after all, we are on an all-terrain vehicle after all. The old arable land easily holds 60 km / h without experiencing much discomfort - the suspension easily swallows the tubercles. It shakes - yes, but it’s almost impossible to “break through” the suspension on an empty truck. Four-wheel drive was not needed here, but the traction control system was in demand: without it, a powerful car fidgets aft on slippery grass.

Sand quarry also did not become an obstacle for the Titan. Here, of course, the drive is only full. The front wheels are connected rigidly, like other serious all-terrain vehicles. At low speeds in lifts, a problem with dosing traction, which is usual for hydromechanical transmissions, arises - the wheels either stop when the resistance increases, then break down into a slip and bury in response to pressing the accelerator. And although the moment in the engine is nowhere else, more than five hundred Newton meters, you have to turn the transfer case selector to position 4L, multiplying the torque supplied to the transmission by another 2.6; speed, respectively, by the same divide. Now another thing - even at idle, the wheels continue to rotate slowly and the Nissan with the insistence of the tank storms the previously insurmountable climbs. However, you should not overestimate the capabilities of a pickup truck - with such a huge base, do not lie on your belly on any crest for long.



The feasibility of acquiring such a car can be argued for a long time, and there are probably more arguments against it than the pros. For a truck - insanely expensive, for an all-terrain vehicle - a bit tight, for a city - bulky, and even voracious. From the philistine bell tower, these are iron arguments. On the other hand, if income allows, why not buy yourself such a large and beautiful toy just because you want to?


A luxurious toy for adults, the practicality of which is not discussed seriously.

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