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Shoe Workshop
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The list of tire shop services is usually small: remove-put the tire on the wheel, eliminate the puncture and balance the final product. A simple matter, but only at first glance.

With bare hands, no one drives a wheel now - this is a very thankless task. And the result, as a rule, is deplorable - a bent rim, a damaged side or a hole in the chamber. Everything comes out quickly and accurately on the machine. True, not everyone has it either. The main trouble is dirt. In the process, it will certainly scratch the disk and get inside the tire. In motion, this abrasive quickly lives on the chamber or wipes the protective sealing layer of the tire. He fights evil in his own way. Most strive to tear off the scab with a wire brush. The company is doubtful. If you do not try, the dirt will remain, and overdoing it will move away with the paint. In a good way, you cannot do without a special shower room. Nearby should be a desktop. On it, stones are taken out of the tread and the end face of the hub is cleaned. Garbage on the machine - a bad taste.

A sure sign of respect for the client (and his property) is a plastic insert on the mounting foot of the machine (photo 1). The small detail protects the paint on the rim of the rim. It serves a relatively short time - it wears out. Having saved on replacement, the master does not risk almost anything, because rusty streaks and corrosion sinks do not appear suddenly. But few seek after death glory.

The assembled wheel must be balanced, otherwise the car shaking then can not be avoided. The main thing here is to correctly install the object on the machine. To do this, you need to choose a suitable cone (photo 2), put a disk on it and lock the outside with a faceplate. For a stamped wheel, more is not required. But the cast, with a depth of the central hole far greater, can stand upright awry. To avoid this, “from the face” it is additionally propped up with an adapter (photo 3) - a simple device that simulates the suspension hub. However, instead of it, with the same success, you can use the second, "reverse" cone. But neglecting both is immediately worthless - nothing good will come of it.

Weights are best mounted on brackets. It may not be very elegant, but durable. In addition, it is easier to achieve the classic result - one load on each side. And so that the surface under the bracket does not “bloom”, the attachment points should be covered with a transparent anticorrosive. It is more difficult to work with adhesive weights. In order not to spoil the architecture of cast wheels, they are placed in places hidden, for example, behind the needles. And although special programs are provided on balancing machines, it is much more difficult to remove the imbalance here. But this does not mean that weights can be hung in clusters. In case of an error, the professional will surely tear off the “excess” and repeat the operation again. Loss at a loss, but the reputation is more expensive.

Here and there they offer a “finish” balancing right on the machine. So, they say, it is possible to correct the imbalance of all unsprung masses. We doubt: if under normal conditions they couldn’t do this, then what can we expect from the “field”, where you work bent over in three doom?

However, often the master’s qualifications have nothing to do with it. Blame the bent disc. They come across almost every tenth car. So a true pro, saving his labor and client’s money, will surely check the wheel runout before assembly. Small dents and "eights" can be fixed without leaving the spot. The self-respecting workshop has machines for restoring geometry (photo 4).

The final stage is the installation of the wheel on the car. Many rightly believe that it is better to entrust it to specialists. In a primitive operation, it seems, there are pitfalls. Most often, owners of non-native casting stumble upon them. These works of art often sin inaccuracy of manufacture. When installed on the hub, only the first bolt that is tightened catches its cone, and the opposite bolt does not get into it a little. It, of course, is also twisted all the way. If necessary, then using scrap. But at the same time, something is necessarily deformed - a disk, a hub or a bolt. If you start from the other end, the “main” one will be a different bolt, and the wheel will shift slightly in the opposite direction. But in both cases, a radial runout is guaranteed, and sometimes the value reaches 1 mm!

But do not rush to mourn the reckless purchase - there is a solution. A ring must be inserted into the central hole, which allows the wheel to sit on the hub with a slight interference fit. Since the flange, the hub and the central hole are the base surfaces, the problem is removed. It remains only to tighten the fasteners evenly.

Past cash

To check how the interests of the customer are observed in tire fitting, we decided to visit several of its facilities. And not empty-handed. We proposed to the masters to assemble and balance a deliberately curved wheel and a patched tire that were supposedly bought at the “disassembly”. Moreover, they tried to give the tire for repair, which by all standards is not subject to restoration. The side cut was too close to the shoulder area. Close the hole in this case is not a problem, but no one will vouch for the safety of the ride. That was the scenario.

The first nameless workshop turned up on the inside of the Moscow Ring Road. The owner’s affairs, it seems, were going unsteadily or swiftly - good imported equipment was covered with a thick layer of either dust or dirt. He probably yearned for work: he immediately assembled the wheel and, not paying attention to the fact that pieces of clay remained on the inner shelf of the rim, put it on a balancing machine. As expected, because of the strong beating, it was pointless to hang loads, as well as putting a wheel on a car. With us - 60 (and if without change, then 50) rubles for the service. The specialist was trying to make a broken tire new for another 600. We, citing insolvency, refused to contemplate turning the tale into a reality. After that, the master, turning his back, lost all interest in us. To all appearances, it was not accepted to talk about a sales receipt, let alone a cash receipt.

The next point is near the spare parts store on Ostashkovskoye Shosse. The level is much higher. Here almost unrealizable happened - before assembling the master individually checked the wheel and tire. After which he proposed to send both for scrap. Having appreciated such an unselfish impulse, we (under the conditions of the experiment) insisted on continuing. Who pays, he orders! Shrugging his shoulders, the specialist got down to business and, having thoroughly cleaned the disc, sidewalls and even the tread with a metal brush, managed to balance the wretched wheel. Having categorically refused to repair the cut and having taken 80 rubles from us (without a receipt), he wished a happy journey. With all my heart or with a mockery?

Further, in other workshops, everything went according to the same scenario. Assembly (without checking and washing), installation on a balancing stand, a moment of thought (to raise a "teapot" or not?) And refusal to continue working. The price is comparable (about 80 rubles). Everywhere - without cash documents. Only once, tired of indulging tax evaders, we resolutely demanded a check. Dali immediately and without talking. Nobody took up the repair of the cut sidewall from the respondents.

Having paid tribute to small business, we decided to check out large business. The choice fell on the MBO salon on Prospekt Mira (photo 5). True, they could not take it on the move - a huge puddle-lake blocked the path to the gate. The Renault Symbol, which was pushed forward, immediately stalled and was wrapped in steam. Fortunately, we were at Niva - it blew through. Having overcome the obstacle, we got into the temple of technical culture. Everything that is needed is obvious: a lift for removing and installing wheels, a mini-wash (photo 6), and all kinds of tire changers. Around - perfect cleanliness and order. We even decided that on the occasion of the flood there is a day off. But no, the time-honored master suggested filling out an application. The services in it are decorated in a tight schedule: washing, valve replacement, assembly. Having hardly put the wheel on the balancing machine, we were offered to pay for the work. In return, they issued a check and a copy of the order with a guarantee - as expected! Here are just a couple of paid weights (2x10 rubles) on the wheel we did not find. The masters explained the incident without a shadow of embarrassment: there is no need to balance our property - it has a place in a landfill. This truth (coupled with polite handling) cost 205 rubles! Although without discounts, but with a three-day warranty. Upon reflection, 100 rubles for the outstanding work was nevertheless returned to us. The rest is a fee for science. And she says: look not for a beautiful sign, but for a conscientious master. We finally found our own.

In conclusion - our simple recommendations.

It is better to give preference to a multidisciplinary workshop - there the wheels will not only assemble and balance, but will also make the necessary repairs.

A good owner keeps the machine park clean and tidy. Wheel washing is a sign of civilization.

The specialist should have good tools, including adapters and a large set of cones.

Before assembly, the master must check the condition of the camera, tires and wheels. Then you do not have to pay for empty chores.

Balancing weights should not "creep" on a rim. Norma - one weight per side. An exception - cast wheels with their "architecture".

Decide on a difficult tire repair, only after consulting with two or three masters. A mistake can be too expensive.

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