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Four To Five


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Video: Four To Five
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Four To Five
Four To Five





So, five years behind the search for the optimal solution to the economic problem. Four very different automobile designs worked for us, which were related by a common task: to be a "mistress". It's time to take stock.

Once upon a time, at the end of the last century, we were faced with the problem of transporting all sorts of things and that the three of five would not be crowded. The solution is a car, which should cost up to $ 10, 000, have at least five seats and a load capacity of 500-800 kg. Just Nizhny Novgorod "Sables" appeared. Why not try what it is? At the same time get rid of the difficulties with the delivery of equipment to the landfill and vice versa, mannequins and tires for tests to transport.


GAZ 2752 "SOBOL"

Manufacturer: GAZ

Release year: 1999

In operation "DRIVING": from May 1999 to July 2001

Mileage at the time of the report as amended: 52 thousand km

Total mileage: 52 thousand km

Previous journal publications: 1999, No. 7, 12;

2000, No. 5; 2001, N 4, 10

Yes, this is not a car for you! The luggage compartment is huge, in the cabin as many as seven seats. True, I had to get used to it in the city, but it’s just lovely on the track: it’s going softly, quickly, easily. But our first breakdowns reduced our happiness: getting into engine repair twice in a year is more than unpleasant. Against this background, malfunctions of the carburetor, power steering, electrics, falling off door handles and bumper are just a trifle. And here also the winter unexpectedly came in November. To start off on light ice or to climb uphill is a problem, and if you push, then less than three people can’t cope. Winter studless tires did not help much - the weight distribution of Sobol is such that even in a car with ballast (100–150 kg) it is difficult to drive in winter.

And even without a spare coil and spark plugs, oil cans, Tosol, a tool kit and other small things, it’s scary to even go a hundred kilometers away. However, he lived for two years with a small “Sable” in the editorial office and performed his duties to the best of his ability. Fortunately, it broke seriously only near the house. Fuel consumption with a working carburetor - about 12 l / 100 km on the highway and 14 l in the city - is quite acceptable. And they loved us at the service - they visited them three times more often than they should, especially during the warranty period.


It must be exploited intensively and better in the "herd" of their own kind. Then you can save on repairs and maintenance. For personal needs, the car is not very suitable.

+ Decent comfort at a relatively low price, maintainability.

- Low reliability, poor cross in winter, unprofitable at low mileage.


Toyota Previa


Release Year: 1993

In operation "DRIVING": from October 2001 to July 2002

Mileage at the time of the report as amended: 36 thousand km

Total mileage: 136 thousand km

Previous journal publications: 2002, No. 1, 4, 7

Choking on the “sable” tears, we decided to try an imported minivan. Since a new car of this class costs more than 25 thousand dollars, we were looking for a used one. For "Toyota Previa" for $ 8, 000 could not go. True, they spent a decent amount to bring the car in proper condition. Reliability, of course, is not comparable with Sable. Alas, and pay for it, too. There are no special problems in maintenance, but consumables are much more expensive. “Previa” has permanent all-wheel drive, an automatic transmission: the car rides just fine in slush, in rain, and in ice. There is even a dangerous sense of permissiveness - it is so clear and easy to drive this two-ton car.

We can talk about the comfort and possibilities of transforming a small "Pulman car" for a long time, but for purely economic purposes, use a chic velor mini-van blasphemously. Stuffing the interior with dirty wheels after tire tests, they fitted a variety of rugs and bedding. Useless! After each trip to the landfill, brushing and vacuuming took a lot of time.

“Previa” left very good memories as a really comfortable, reliable universal car, but expensive to maintain. Another drawback is the excellent appetite. On the highway in summer - 12 l / 100 km, but in winter in the city up to 20 l - the other side of the convenience of the “automatic” and all-wheel drive.


An all-weather road cruiser, but not an all-terrain vehicle for trophy raids. The car is primarily passenger, although it holds a lot of cargo. The maintenance of such a machine is not cheap.

+ Comfort, excellent driving performance, the ability to transform the cabin.

- The high cost of maintenance, supplies and the car itself.



Manufacturer: TagAZ

Release Year: 2002

In operation "DRIVING": from September 2002 to July 2003

Mileage at the time of the report as amended: 35 thousand km

Total mileage: 35 thousand km

Previous journal publications: 2002, No. 11; 2003, No 2, 8

The third phenomenon in the role of "mistress" was "Doninvest Orion -M /"> Doninvest Orion-M "- in fact, the Citroen Berlingo of the previous generation.

The nickname “Bubble” stuck to it almost immediately: the car is relatively small, but tall, with huge windows and a modest hood. Having lived in the editorial office for a year, Orion dashed about 40 thousand km. There were no serious complaints against him. True, he could not fully satisfy our business needs. The volume of the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment is greater than in passenger wagons, but it clearly loses to Sable and Previa. The load capacity is declared very decent, real - two times less. Fully loaded "Bubble" sits on its hind legs so that a hundred and a few millimeters remain before the road. Yes, and a motor of 75 liters. with. It’s obviously hard to carry 600 kg. Weighed, as a rule, no more than three hundred.

The city is an element of Orion. A large trunk, good acceleration dynamics, small dimensions, economy, front-wheel drive, clear steering are the trump cards of the car. But on the track - not a fighter. Up to 80 km / h it seems that any overtaking is on the shoulder. And then … We have to reach for the trucks, overtaking them stealthily. In general, for a full-fledged "mistress", the "Bubble" is small and weak. The main advantage is that of our Quartet, Orion is the most economical.


Typical city car. Bad roads or a trailer is beyond his power. Good for lovers of family vacations on wheels. But you shouldn’t save on the motor - with a 1.6 liter engine the car behaves much better on the highway.

+ It is quite decent comfort, high efficiency and maneuverability.

- Low payload and ground clearance, high cost of maintenance.


Nissan Datsun

Manufacturer: NISSAN MOTOR

Release Year: 1995

In operation "DRIVING": from August 2003 to the present

Mileage at the time of the report as amended: 35 thousand km

Total mileage: 75 thousand km

Previous journal publications: 2003, No. 11; 2004, No. 3

Still, I want "all at once" - under this motto they chose an all-wheel drive pickup. Excellent cross-country ability, acceptable dynamics and speed on the track, “honest” carrying capacity. However, the five-seater cabin is quite cramped.

A new pickup road, in good condition in Moscow, is in short supply. The way out is a right-hand drive car from Japan. The technical condition of the Far Eastern "oldies" many "Europeans" can envy. Alas, now this option is also less practical - customs rules have changed, and prices have grown.

For a year now the diesel Nissan Datsun has been living in the editorial office, having dashed over 35 thousand km. Despite the menacing appearance, it is pleasant and unexpectedly easy to ride. Of course, he does not have the accelerating dynamics of Doninvest and the comfort of Previa, but you don’t feel flawed in the city or on the highway. Our requirements for versatility are almost completely satisfied. Reliability, in proportion to age and mileage, no complaints. Since the last report (ZR, 2004, No. 3), in addition to regular engine oil changes, only front shock absorbers were bought. They did not flow, but work efficiency dropped markedly. The price - at $ 60 - for such a foreign car did not seem sky-high. At the next maintenance (65, 000 km odometer) had to change the front brake pads and discs (another 140 dollars).

In the spring, Nissan was shod in summer tires, they paid 18 thousand rubles for the kit. Expensive? Yes and no. Indeed, decent passenger 15-inch tires are cheaper than 10-12 thousand rubles. hard to buy for a set.

While the Crocodile patiently fulfills our whims, but the breakup is just around the corner.


Tractor, all-terrain vehicle and truck - in one car. Easy to operate, reliable. But using it only in an urban environment is very disadvantageous. Of course, it does not fit into the budget of the Zhiguli for maintenance, but it can justify the money invested.

+ A good combination of road and off-road qualities, unpretentiousness and reliability, ease of maintenance.

- A tight cab (especially the second row of seats), the need for frequent (every 5000 km) engine oil changes.




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