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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Ranged Tricks
Ranged Tricks





The first reason for the majority of accidents, as already mentioned (ЗР, 2004, No. 9), is errors during overtaking. But there is a second …


Almost all reports of the type “Failed to manage” can be read differently: “I fell asleep at the wheel!”. And all because even if you are able to paint a bullet for beer day and night, this does not mean that you can spend the same day on the road.

The physiological and biochemical causes of body fatigue are written and narrated visibly and invisibly. But everyone piously believes in his star - they say, only others can fall asleep, and I can never! However, my observations, multiplied by experience, show that only those who have wound at least a million of our Russian miles can really not sleep for several days. The ability to travel long distances without sleep increases with an increase in driving experience, calculated not in years but in kilometers! Therefore, the limit for beginners is 1000–1200 km (17–20 hours). Of course, this is very individual: many do not stand even half … And if you didn’t sleep well the previous night, then had a busy day, then had a tight dinner and gathered on the night for a thousand miles, then I doubt very much that you can master even the closest 300-500 km.

I once set off on a Gazelle from Saratov to Moscow - it was wild heat … I drove off a couple of hundred, I stopped on the side of the road, put a pillow on the steering wheel and instantly fell asleep. The client who was traveling with me did not say anything, but his face was so interrogative … I then slept for about forty minutes, but I went the whole further way much faster than usual.

Here are popular ways to deal with sleep: washing with water or rubbing snow on the face and "other body"; attempts to change position, to tear; squats, tweaks, jumps on the sidelines; chewing something; head swinging; loud singing; deliberately loud, hysterical laughter; a lot of double and triple sugar-free coffee, energy drinks and the like.

All these tricks have one thing in common - their complete futility! If a wedge is knocked out by a wedge, then a dream is only a dream. And the fight against him is doomed to failure: every minute the dream intensifies, and you weaken. However, the majority still hopes to overcome drowsiness, after which it wakes up in a wrecked car or in a hospital. And sometimes she doesn’t wake up at all …


Light and sound signals are a special language of communication on the Route.

The familiar blinking of high beams has several meanings. For old truckers, one “short distant” warns the overtaken one about approaching from behind, and one “long distant” either designates you in front of the oncoming one, who is about to enter your lane for overtaking, or at night requires him to switch to the near one. Two "short distant" - wait for the ambush traffic police. Sometimes experienced drivers use this signal to warn of a serious danger - a pit, a foreign object, etc. The main thing is that the oncoming one slows down.

Generally speaking, recently someone who wants to use the main beam has to think. If the oncoming blinked distant - look in the mirror: perhaps this is not signaling to you, but to the one who overtakes you. If the movement is three-lane, and the blinking goes behind another car, then most likely he asks both of you to free the middle lane for overtaking. Usually, he also includes a left turn signal.

There was a rare case with me - I drove past traffic cops with a radar and blink oncoming KamAZ, and that blinks back to me. I didn’t understand … But he understood that I didn’t understand him - so when they got closer, he began to tap his palm on the shoulder, depicting shoulder straps. Then it dawned on me that there was yet another DPS ambush …

They use a fast and frequent blinking high beam to attract the attention of the oncoming driver when he, starting to fall asleep, goes to the axle. A few years ago, a new signal appeared - a single blink of a left turn signal. It is used to warn of an ambush at night - so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers. If at night the car you are catching on has turned on the emergency gang, then you blind it through the mirrors. Be sure to switch - showing such respect, you will not lose anything in the review, since its distant will help you!

Drivers of large cars sit high above the road and see far. They know that from a passenger car the review is much worse, so they often help you overtake. Turned on the left turn signal - it means dangerous, the right - overtake on health. Do not forget to thank such a driver with a couple of blinks with his “emergency gang” - by the way, in this way you can thank for any service. And always turn on the "emergency gang" at any stops on the highway or roadside - both day and night.

A sign of a good tone is considered to be early switching from far to near at the moment when the oncoming car is about to appear due to a hillock. And by the way, never turn on your new, beautiful and supernova foglights unnecessarily! It's for your own sake - run into the distant, that's all. And when in the holiday season the wagon driver who hasn’t slept for three days meets five of these bright-eyed ones, he will take it out of anger and go to the axial - you will then swallow dust on the sidelines with his cool lighting equipment. On the Route, raspberry lanterns and green lights are not an indicator of steepness, but a lack of gray matter: men do not respect such people. And seeing such a “miracle” in the mirror, they are unlikely to help you with the turn signal …

Sound signals are used, as a rule, for swearing and expressing discontent. An exception is perhaps a meeting on the Route of two old friends - the mutual exchange of short beeps is clear here. In addition, in response to your “thank you” from two blinks “emergency gang” a short beep may sound - “please”, that means.

But in general, everything is simple - do not forget about politeness! Warned you about an ambush - a patch over the steering wheel spot! It stimulates the person to continue to help you. Yes, and it's nice to feel that you are not alone on the Track …


How do vacationers behave when they see an accident? He stopped, went out, stood, returned for cigarettes, went to listen to others … A groan is heard from the mangled car - yeah, well, alive! We join in the debate, remember a movie with similar episodes. Then someone says - say, I’ll go and call an ambulance. And leaves …

Nobody touches the wounded. One is afraid, another is reluctant, the third throws a thought that is saving for everyone - they say, you can do harm! And the relatives later find out that the victims lived a few more hours and died on the way to the hospital from severe bleeding and pain shock. Why is everyone standing and watching? I can not understand this !!! Really, if a person has blood pulsating in a pulsating flow, and with it life, we will stand and watch when it is enough to intercept the belt higher. But what kind of belt is there and what kind of science is there about first aid from the journal ZR, when are we even afraid to approach emergency vehicles ?!

But the main thing is to act! It is necessary to do quite a bit, but eyewitnesses to accidents are usually scared away by disbelief in their own strengths, a sense of fear, unwillingness to smear in the blood. Believe me, you will not overwork from a few simple manipulations with the wounded. And in order not to get dirty in blood, buy yourself a work dressing gown for a hundred “re” and carry it in the trunk. Take a larger size so that it fits over the outer clothing. But do not leave people in wrecked cars! Once they are carefully removed from there, and some begin to “come to life” themselves … Warm up in the cabin, throw a blanket, give tea - is that difficult?

If you see an accident - do not be too lazy to get out of the car, sort out the situation, find out who is busy with what and if it is busy at all. Organize people, call for action, do not sit on your own - first of all, help the wounded. And the track will remember it. And, God forbid, misfortune happens to you - it will come to your aid.


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