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Ford Mondeo IN DETAILS




1993 year. Ford Mondeo launched (sedan, hatchback and station wagon). Zetec engines - gasoline, four-cylinder, 16-valve: 1.6 l, 65 kW / 88 l. with. and 66 kW / 90 l. with.; 1.8 L, 85 kW / 116 L with.; 2.0 L, 96 kW / 131 L with. Vortex-chamber turbodiesel: 1.8 l, 65 kW / 88 l. with. Transmissions - M5 or A4, drive - front or full (with engine capacity of 2.0 l).

1994 year. On the basis of Mondeo for the US market, the production of Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique sedans with Zetec engines of 2.0 liters, 93 kW / 127 liters was launched. with. and Duratec (V6) 2.5 L, 127 kW / 173 L. with. Duratec also appeared for the European Mondeo: 2.5 liters, 125 kW / 170 liters. with.

1996 year. Restyling of the European model: all exterior panels except the roof and doorways, optics, radiator grille, instrument panel have been changed. The list of standard and optional equipment (safety beams in the doors, side airbags, three-point belts and head restraints in the rear seats) has been expanded. Zetec 1.6 liter engine power increased to 70 kW / 95 liter. with.

1997 year. Restyling of American models: the appearance of the Ford Contour repeats the European Mondeo, and Mercury Mystique approached it.

1999 year. The "charged" version of the Mondeo ST200 with a 2.5-liter High-Duratec engine, 151 kW / 205 liters. with. A similar engine with a capacity of 149 kW / 203 liters. with. installed on part of the Ford Contour cars.

year 2001. Mondeo new generation.

When creating the Mondeo, Ford designers set themselves the task of combining the best features of the best-selling books of the late 80s and early 90s: Honda Accord, Peugeot 405, Nissan Primera. For seven years, sketches and prototypes have undergone many changes, in Europe and the USA they built running models, in the UK they developed engines, and in Italy they conjured over the design of the model. In the name of the car - a hint, if not world domination, then at least world citizenship. But the collective image was not very expressive, which, however, did not prevent Mondeo from getting the title “Car of the Year” in 1994. A few years later, the model underwent plastic surgery, which, of course, benefited her. The entrails turned out better: apart from the “first pancakes” - the cars of 1993-1994, there were no serious problems with either the first or second generation of the Mondeo. Used, they cost in Moscow from 4 to 11 thousand dollars. The European models are mainly represented on the market - they have been officially sold in Russia since 1996. The "Americans" have other headlights and bumpers, more powerful engines and enhanced suspension. In addition to problems with spare parts (mainly body parts), there are no contraindications to the purchase of these machines.

“Mondeo” in the basic configuration is a rarity in the market, but their equipment cannot be called poor: since the beginning of production, all cars have had two steering column adjustments, a driver airbag, and a ventilation system filter. In the CLX configuration there is a second pillow, central locking, alarm. The GLX level already provides for full power accessories, including adjustment of the driver's seat, remote control of the central lock, velor upholstery. And the top-end Ghia adds to the electric “bells and whistles” (heated windshield, trip computer, etc.) leather-wrapped steering wheel and seats and a wood-trimmed dashboard. Of course, in each configuration there were options - for example, a more powerful engine meant more expensive equipment (alloy wheels, cruise control), and custom options.


Almost all of the first and second generation Mondeos in the Russian market are powered by gasoline engines. Diesel 1.8-turbo is a rarity, and the turbocharger was not reliable there, so it is better to refrain from buying them.

Zetec series gasoline engines (see Model History) are relatively easy to maintain and repair. The timing belt and its rollers (they are sold in the kit) are changed every 90 thousand km (later Ford increased the interval to 120 thousand) or every five years. On a used car it is better to adhere to the lower limit of the interval, because when the belt breaks, the valves bend. At the same time, it is worth checking the pump. Timing clearances on parts of engines are regulated by washers (as on VAZ 2108), hydraulic compensators are on parts. The latter can withstand at least 150 thousand km. Coolant needs to be replaced every two years.

The best choice is a two-liter engine. It consumes only a little (0.3–0.4 liters) more fuel than 1.8 liters, but provides a heavy (almost two tons of gross weight) car with good dynamics and a maximum speed of 200 km / h. It is better to abstain from the 1.6 liter engine - it is frankly weak for the Mondeo. The compromise and most common option is 1.8 liters.

The six-cylinder V-shaped Duratec has a “tractor” moment “on the bottoms” and accelerates the car to the first hundred in just 8.6 s. The timing chain drive is also a significant plus: the service life of the chain is not one hundred thousand kilometers. But this motor also has a fat minus: original spare parts (rings, pistons, liners) are not produced for it, there is not even a cylinder block assembly. The engine changes only in its entirety. The manufacturer explains this by the high accuracy of manufacturing parts - selective assembly outside the plant cannot be reproduced. Due to the tight layout of the engine compartment, the Duratec is especially sensitive to dirt, so first of all, keep the radiator clean. Dyuratek is noticeably more voracious than Zetek, and maintenance operations here are more time-consuming.

All motors are equipped with an aluminum sump, so steel protection of the power unit is highly desirable. The original company does not produce - look for domestic. The power system is sensitive to the quality of the fuel - the fuel pump is the first to suffer from dirt. At the first signs of a deterioration in fuel supply (poor start-up, failures under load), an audit is worthwhile. The tank itself is plastic, it does not add dirt.

If the engine suddenly stalls after a pit caught while driving, do not rush to call a tow truck: most likely, the fire protection worked, which turned off the gas pump. To restore the fuel supply, just press the unlock button. Look for it at the driver's left feet (location has changed several times).

The exhaust system lasts about three years. When replacing, do not save on the ceramic o-ring - it wears out over time.

DO NOT LOOK FOR ALL-wheel drive

Clutch is found in two versions - with a cable or hydraulic wire. In both cases, its service life is at least 100 thousand km. When replacing, be sure to pay attention to the crankshaft oil seal: it is better to replace it with the smallest oil drips.

The manual gearbox is very reliable. Oil is filled in for the entire service life, but a preventive replacement with a mileage of more than 200 thousand km will not hurt. In the "automatic" ATF fluid is changed every 60 thousand km (filter - only during bulkhead). The service life of the automatic transmission greatly depends on the operating conditions - for example, you can not leave in the cold without warming the box. Faults in the control unit “automatic” will help to install a proprietary scanner.

On restyled "Mondeo" clamps SHRUSov sometimes did not provide tightness. In 2000, Ford launched a service campaign to replace them for free. Since then, the problem has disappeared. Bearings of the front and rear hubs serve more than 200 thousand km.

Front brake discs survive about three sets of pads. The rear drums (on the machine parts) are almost eternal, but the lining may peel off from the base over time. Therefore, after 90 thousand km of run at each maintenance (every 15 thousand km), it is worth monitoring the condition of the pads by removing the drum. There are no complaints about the anti-lock braking system, but fans of an engine washing under pressure may lose it - the ABS brains are very sensitive to moisture. It can get inside through the connector, so if you decide to wash the engine, wrap the control unit with polyethylene.

The front suspension for walking is a strong middling. The lower support is riveted to the lever; the original is not supplied separately. It serves, however, for quite some time - 150-200 thousand km. The upper strut supports are shock absorbers themselves. The rear multi-link suspension of the first Mondeos (1993–1994) was not reliable: shock absorbers quickly failed, and silent blocks wore out. After the design change, early failures stopped.

In the Mondeo range there is also an all-wheel drive with a two-liter engine, but in Russia and in Europe it has not gained popularity: it turned out to be expensive to maintain and not too reliable.

We do not advise you to opt for a car with electronically controlled suspension. Its first versions broke even on European roads - they jammed in the "sport" mode. A few months later the control unit was changed, but to the Russian pits - alas! - not adapted.


Mondeo is not very afraid of corrosion: most of the body is galvanized. But the aluminum tubes of the air conditioner can rot in a few winters, especially near the clamps that attach to the body. Riding with an empty air conditioning system threatens a massive replacement of parts: without refrigerant for corrosion - expanse.

The build quality of the cabin on dorestyling machines left much to be desired: here and there “drums” woke up. But the Ford workers didn’t save on materials, so the old interior looks neat as well - an important argument when buying.

The electrics are generally reliable. Failures relate mainly to small things: hood end, coolant temperature sensor, “stove” fan resistor. To prolong the life of the motor, change the ventilation system filter annually.

Sometimes the airbag warning lamp flashes. A common cause is poor contact in the belt tensioners. Self-diagnosis mode of electronic devices is not provided: with all questions, please contact the company service - there a scanner will be connected to the machine.

All cars were equipped with an immobilizer. When buying, require two keys: one with a remote control, the second without it, but with a chip for an immobilizer.



Spare part Cost, $

Timing belt and its rollers

(engine 1.8 l) 187

Pump (engine 1.8 l) 109

Spark plug 11

Gasoline pump 330

Engine 2.5 L assy 5803

Clutch (engine 1.8 l / engine 2.5 l) 317/301

Front / rear pads

disc brake (set) 69/92

Lower lever

front suspension (with support) 180

Stabilizer Bush Kit 26

Stabilizer Stands

front / rear 198/39

Heater Fan Resistor 54

Front wing

(before / after restyling) 166/168

Hood (before / after restyling) 352/352

Front bumper

(before / after restyling) 443/437

Headlight (before / after restyling) 238/139

* European models.



Work Cost, $

Diagnostics of electronic systems 77


chassis and suspension 39

Timing Belt Replacement

and its rollers (engine 1.8 l) 231

Spark Plug Replacement

(engine 1.8 l / engine 2.5 l) 17/29

Engine Replacement 2.5 L 439

Replacing a fuel pump 80

Clutch Replacement 253

Replacing ABS unit 123

Lower arm replacement

front suspension 49

Replacing Bushings / Stabilizers

front suspension 105/18

Adjustment of installation angles

all wheels 123

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